PUBG Mobile Livik Map and More Released in Update 0.19


in PUBG Mobile | Jul, 6th 2020

Tencent has revealed that it is releasing a new updated version of PUBG Mobile this week for Android and iOS devices. This update comes at a weird time at the end of the current season but doesn’t fail to introduce a lot of new content like the PUBG Mobile Livik map and much more.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.19 Releases This Week

The PUBG Mobile update 0.19 patch version was announced this week and will release very soon. The Reddit thread with the patch notes shows that the update version will come out on Tuesday, July 7 on both Android and iOS devices, so players can start downloading it then.

The exact timing of the update is currently unknown. Still, we do know that it will be available tomorrow at the time of writing this (or it might already be available, depending on when you are reading this). What we do know, though, is the download size for this upcoming patch.

In a surprising bit of news, this 0.19 update is surprisingly massive given the timing of it all and will have a significant download size for both platforms. If you are on an Android device, you will have a 1.84GB space requirement that you must have available at the time of downloading.

For those of you on the iOS side of things, you will need a little more space at 2.13GB to download this update, so be sure to plan accordingly, especially if you are planning on using your mobile data. You will need to update the game if you wish to enjoy the new content like the PUBG Mobile Livik map.

What is odd about the timing of all of this is the fact that we are right near the end of the current 13th season. Season 14 will release just a week after this update on Tuesday, July 14, so it does seem odd to have so much new stuff now, but here we are.

New Content: PUBG Mobile Livik and Weapons

The update 0.19 patch notes start by going over the biggest piece of new content in this update: the PUBG Mobile Livik map. This looks to be another exclusive map that the mobile version of the battle royale game has over its PC and console counterparts.

If you update the game and jump in to play between the release of this patch version on July 7 and the end of the current season on July 13, you will be able to receive 2,888 BP, 100x AG, and a 3D Nightmare Helmet all for free. And you will be able to try out the new Livik map as well.

It isn’t really clear why this new map is coming out now and not a week from now when the new season is here, but it is welcome nonetheless. This new map is a Nordic-style one that is rather small, only encompassing two kilometers by two kilometers, making it one of the smallest in the game.

Also, this small size is accompanied by a smaller number of players that you will encounter on this particular map. The PUBG Mobile Livik map will only have up to 52 players in any given match, which will lead to much shorter match times that are around 15 minutes or so.

This will allow the PUBG Mobile Livik map to have a unique short burst style of gameplay approach that will lead to faster and more intense battle royale matches overall. We can see different picturesque locales from this map in the first teaser image for the new Livik map.

Places include some snowy mountain sides, quiet winter lakes, rolling fields, and beautiful architecture. It gives off some rather unique and relaxing vibes, which will likely be quickly marred by the smaller map size and number of players wrecking havoc across the map.

Like some of the other battle royale maps, this one will have unique weapons that you won’t find on the other maps. The first is a map-exclusive SMG called the P90. The second is the Mk12 marksman rifle that looks rather heavy duty, but assault rifle-like in its design.

There will be a new vehicle as well that you won’t find on the other maps known as the monster truck. This truck is what it sounds like, boasting a hefty size and with absolutely unnecessarily huge wheels that will likely let you go off the road with ease on Livik.

The PUBG Mobile Livik map will also have a special super firearm training limited-time event that is coming soon, too. During this event, players will be able to find experimental trial weapon crates with special weapons inside on this map alone.

These new weapons will be similar to their original counterparts, but with slightly better stats than usual. It is an odd event that doesn’t change too much. However, it is likely because this is considered a beta map right now that is still testing and subject to changes in the future.

New Arena Game Mode, Map, and More

Players will find other new game modes and maps beyond Livik with this update, starting with the Spark the Flame-themed game mode. This one is similar to the controversial Jungle Adventure one, where you have a chance of getting into this mode when entering a Miramar or Erangel match.

It will include a small statue that burns up after interacting with it. Doing so will grant you supplies and event items. There is also a giant statue that will progress through its construction over time as the themed event progresses and will burn away in its final stage.

Lastly, there are statue camps centered around those statues where you will be able to find other supplies and loot. The Ancient Secret is another limited-time battle royale mode that you have a chance of entering on Erangel and Miramar and is coming soon.

In The Ancient Secret, you will find an ancient temple which begins on the ground and then begins to float in the air and move. There is a slate puzzle that is interactive and made up of different pieces that you can solve. If you get to the second floor of the temple, you will be able to challenge a boss and earn rewards in the process.

In addition to the ancient temple, there are smaller ruins that you can find randomly around the map with crates and more puzzles to discover. What is rather interesting about the next limited-time game mode is that it will allow players to earn some Season 14 points early.

As we are near the end of this season, you will soon be able to do a warm-up event where you and a squad will battle it out in an unranked classic match. You can complete missions to earn a small number of rank points in Season 14, which is odd as this is a headstart on the next ranked season.

For those of you who like the Arena side of things, you will be able to play Team Gun Game for a limited time. This special four on four match will let your team start with the same weapon. The weapon will change through defeating enemies. The winning team is the first group to eliminate the enemy with the final weapon.

The Team Gun Game mode is accompanied by a new Arena map known as Library. It is the first map of its kind to take place entirely indoors. It is a fully symmetrical map with three different lanes that you can travel down and battle across, making for a unique PUBG Mobile experience.

Major Improvements

Some major improvements are coming in this update as well. Most of these are bug fixes, but some are changing how the game is. You can find the full list of them below:

  • Resolved screen lockup issue on the loading screen when entering the battle on an unstable network
  • Improved rendering smoothness on low and mid-level devices
  • Improved battery usage time for some high-performance devices
  • Further reduced the occurrence of lag when HDR is enabled on some devices
  • Players can go to the Pick-Up tab in the settings to choose whether they pick up Quickdraw Mags or Extended Mags first
  • Added on/off settings for the scope and peek buttons to rotate the camera
  • Provided more color schemes for hit effects and received damage effects to give players more options for customization
  • Improved the altitude and speed gauge displays during parachuting
  • Added tips to remind the leader to mark the landing zone on the mini-map
  • When picking up supplies, the item name is highlighted in the pick-up tips to emphasize the information
  • Added a tutorial on sensitivities on the Sensitivity tab
  • Added an information page about camera control rules on the Control Settings screen
  • Added a switch for auto pick-up of scopes. When off, scopes will not be picked up automatically even standing near the scope supplies. When on, the original auto pick-up setting will be restored
  • Some keys can be hidden or disabled in the custom control panel now
  • Dynamic holding switch is available in first-person mode. With the switch on, the firearm is held at a low height when not firing, thus increasing the field of view. With the switch off, the firearm will not be lowered and will appear the same as in Arena
  • Improved the custom control panel display
  • Adjusted the default pick-up amount for frag grenades and smoke grenades to one
  • Added an effect preview for energy boost items
  • When the backpack is full and the player cannot pick up an item, the item’s position in the pick-up list will not change
  • When the flare gun fails to fire, we will now display a tip that clearly notifies the player that a failure has occurred

New Features and Changes

For the Cheer Park, there is now a trench in the shooting range that prevents other players or vehicles from blocking the targets. There is also a launcher and hot air balloon in the Cheer Park area so that quick draw players can choose which one they would like to use.

There is also a new team-up lobby for players to use. This new feature is great for finding teammates quickly and more efficiently. You can find specific teams that are recruiting and other more specific details about what they are looking for.

With the release of Season 14, Spark the Flame, happening next week, there are new and returning items that you will find. The Roaring Dragon and Dragon Hunter items will be returning from Season 5 for a limited time.

There will also be an RP crate luck event with awesome rewards that you will be able to get here. Also, you will be able to switch roles much easier to find a veteran to play with or be one of the veterans and earn some exclusive rewards.

Clans have been expanded in a major way, allowing tags to show what players the clan is looking for specifically. This will come out alongside new clan mission objectives and rewards. These new tags also mean that the recommendation and joining system for clans will improve and let players find a group that is more aligned with what they are looking for.

For the most part, we were able to cover the biggest changes and new features that dropped with the release of PUBG Mobile update 0.19 this week. However, be sure to check out the full Reddit thread on the patch notes here for more new content and comments from the community regarding everything.