Rainbow Six Quarantine Might Have Been Renamed 

Rainbow Six Quarantine Might Have Been Renamed 
Rainbow Six Quarantine Might Have Been Renamed 

Ubisoft has a few games in the works that we should see release later this year. For instance, two games were delayed recently from Ubisoft which were Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine along with the upcoming Far Cry game, Far Cry 6. While it’s not unusual for games to get delayed, especially now with the worldwide health pandemic still being an issue we’re all dealing with regularly. However, Ubisoft recently had an investors call that brought Rainbow Six Quarantine up into conversation. 

While both games are slated to release by September of this year, it was noted that there was some new interest in the Rainbow Six Quarantine name. While this game was announced and marketed well before the worldwide health pandemic, it looks like there could be a name change. After all, we all had to endure quarantine and in some cases are still quarantining ourselves until its deemed safe to return towards a more normalized lifestyle before 2020. 

At any rate, for those that are attempting to get back into the swing of things, there might not be any interest in diving into a game that may hold some more unpleasant memories. It was revealed that Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, was looking into all options when it comes to Rainbow Six Quarantine but there weren’t any details about the game regarding changes being made to the title.

Now a new leak is circulating online that shows Ubisoft sending out a pre-release patch to Sony’s PlayStation Store listing for Rainbow Six Quarantine and it is changing the title up to Rainbow Six Parasite. Of course, that’s purely a rumor right now as we’re not sure if the name has been officially changed at this point. Still, there is bound to be some news regarding Rainbow Six Quarantine shortly if the studio plans to get this game out this year. For now, what do you think of the name change and does it fit the title or would you prefer they kept the same title as before?

Source: Comicbook