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Red Dead Online: Halloween Pass 2: Everything You Need to Know

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Halloween Pass 2 in Red Dead Online

Halloween Pass 2 in Red Dead Online / Credit to Rockstar Games

Here’s everything we know about the Red Dead Online Halloween Pass 2 and all the spooky content that comes with it.

The Halloween Pass 2 will be available starting today Oct. 28 and will be running through Nov. 22. During that time players can unlock all sorts of gruesome cosmetics and enjoy new game modes themed around the Halloween season. The limited-time purchasable pass will reward players with in-game items spread across 15 ranks. Players who have purchased all four installments of the Quick Draw Club will be given the Halloween Pass 2 for free.

The official Halloween Pass 2 content notes can be found here.

Game Modes

There are two limited-time seasonal game modes coming alongside the Halloween Pass 2 and both will reward the player with double the Red Dead Online Dollars, Gold and XP. The first is All Hallows’ Call to Arms where players are tasked with protecting the freeholds of Armadillo, Butcher Creek, Shady Belle and Bolger Glade from attack. These standoffs will pit players against different attackers and even a supernatural ghost train that has been haunting the town of Armadillo. Players who survive through 10 waves of any All Hallows’ Call to Arms mode will be rewarded with 2,000 Club XP.

The second featured series is the Dead of Night game mode. In Dead of Night four teams of survivors will compete for the highest kill count in a fight against never-ending swarms of the dead. Completing any Dead of Night game will reward players with a free Ability Card of their choosing. Both of these seasonal game modes feature a Night Stalker Mask that allows players to access supernatural powers.


The Halloween Pass 2 also includes several cosmetics that will help players get into the appropriate mood for the spooky season. There is a wide selection of masks available to hide your identity, new clothing such as the blood-stained Boucher Coat, and accessories like the new Glabella Lantern for players to carry. Everything that is unlocked throughout the duration of the Halloween event will be available to players indefinitely.


There are also discounts for a number of the in-game stores meant to be an incentive for players to change up their look. All Role Outfits are 35% off, Barbers are offering 50% off all haircuts, dentistry and makeup changes and all emotes are 30% off. There are also discounts on certain weapons and 30% off everything at Gus’ store.

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