Retired Smash Bros Player ZeRo Faces Second Wave of Allegations


in Fighting Game News | Jul, 6th 2020

Retired Smash Bros player Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios is facing even more allegations as of this weekend. We recently spoke about ZeRo banning himself from all events, admitting to sexual misconduct and predator behavior involving two underage girls, but that’s not the end of things for him. In particular, Jacquline “Jisu” Choe posted an intensely long Twitlonger with details, receipts, and more.

We have nothing but profound respect for the men and women coming forward with allegations, and we know it could not have been easy. Jisu called out ZeRo for not coming clean, even after a third Twitlonger post by the former Smash Bros player.

A Literal Sewer

Jisu and the other initial victim, Katie, put together what can only be called a massive document via Twitlonger. It’s 64 pages, and has a wealth of information concerning ZeRo and his misdeeds. There are plenty of screenshots in it. For those of you who wish to read the whole thing, her Google Document can be found here.

We’ll warn you, it is not an easy read. It’s uncomfortable, it’s dark, but it’s incredibly detailed. This particular writer spent a fair portion of yesterday reading the document, and it’s eye-opening.

Jisu points out that this isn’t some kind of smear campaign or vendetta:

“If you were following the entire narrative, you should know that I wasn’t trying to just take down his career,” Choe said. “What prompted me to share my experience wasn’t any personal vendetta but purely me casting light to how his alleged ignorance of anything D1, Keitaro, Anti, Nairo, etc have done clearly rubbed me the wrong way when I know I have my own experiences.”

It’s just horrible. From ZeRo harassing Jisu with porn, ZeRo not being truthful in his confessions of guilt, and so many screenshots and conversations, it’s not an easy thing to endure reading about the former Smash Bros pro. But of course, it could not have been easy for these girls to go through what they did. The least we can do is read, and listen.

Chloe stated that she felt like she had no power in these situations, such as when ZeRo would show her explicit, lewd images and video:

“What I don’t understand is how he would go ‘jackie look jackie look!’ and I would turn over and he’s literally watching explicit xxx footage of sex workers, audio on, laughing maniacally as I turn away in disgust,” Choe said. “Even when I would turn away to ignore him he wouldn’t stop laughing and I told him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. This happened repeatedly and I even got up and left a few times.”

“Coming Clean” Not Enough

Facebook Gaming and Tempo Storm have both dropped the former Smash Bros player ZeRo, following his admission of guilt in the first sexual misconduct allegations. Tempo Storm made a statement on Twitter that can be found here.

ZeRo’s three Twitlongers of “coming clean” were not enough. Jisu pointed out that even there, he continues to be deceitful:

“So even in his last, final, monumental statement—he’s lying. He lies, feigning ignorance to her age and the depth of her story. I don’t think we should sweep away just how far this man would go to cover his tail. Even in direct dms to those he’s abused just 2 nights before coming forward, he is lying. We cannot ignore just how far he pushed to manipulate the truth and silence everyone who could expose him.”

So many names in the Smash Community have been named as victimizers and abusers. It’s absolutely vile, and we can only hope that the people who have come forward are believed. Jisu’s account is absolutely filled with receipts in the form of screenshots. She was brave enough to bring the allegations and proof to light, so the least we can do is read it.