Retro Internet Game Hypnospace Outlaw Will Support Keyboard And Mouse On Switch

Hypnospace Outlaw, a beautiful and strange game with an affection for the Internet of old, is coming to Switch (as well as Xbox One and PS4). A demo is available now on Switch, so you can see how the game, which is largely set within a browser, handles with traditional controls. However, you’ll also be able to play it with a full PC control set-up.

On Twitter, Mike Rose–owner of publisher No More Robots–shared that the Switch version will support a keyboard and mouse. This was Nintendo’s suggestion, apparently.

The Switch only supports USB, not bluetooth, and you’ll likely need to play docked to take advantage of this. In comments under the tweet, Rose also confirmed that the Switch version will support gyro and pointer controls.

Another user asked if the Xbox version will support mouse and keyboard, and Rose said that it should, although they haven’t tested it.

Hypnospace Outlaw received an 8/10 in GameSpot’s review of the PC version. “As an exploration of early-ish internet culture, Hypnospace Outlaw demonstrates how far we’ve travelled online over the past 20 years while at the same time asking whether we’ve gone anywhere at all,” wrote reviewer David Wildgoose.

The game will launch for Switch, PS4, and XBox One (through Game Pass) on August 27.

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