Risk of Rain 2 collects Artifacts 2.0 update next week

Artifacts are making their return to Risk of Rain’s PC version next week, while the console versions are set to step into the Hidden Realms today.

Risk of Rain 2 has seen a lot of content go into its beta, as Hoppo Games continues through its 2020 roadmap. Now the time has come for the PC version to receive a major update, while a past update is set to hit the game’s console versions. On Tuesday, Hoppo and Gearbox Publishing unveiled the Artifacts 2.0 update.

As the name might imply, this latest update introduces Artifacts into Risk of Rain 2. These are objects that change up the gameplay in different ways. Players can unlock Artifacts by completing various in-game challenges.

Players can also look forward to the return of Sky Meadow, which will be added as a fifth stage. The Sky Meadow will be filled with different monster types, which are dangerous enough by themselves. But a hidden boss battle will also be placed somewhere in the level for those intrepid enough to find it. Beyond Artifacts and the new stage, player can find new skill variants for the Hunter, Engineer, and Acrid, along with new equipment and items.

The Artifacts 2.0 update will hit the PC version of Risk of Rain 2 on March 31, with a free weekend coming to Steam on April 2.

As for the console versions of Risk of Rain 2, they’re catching up with the Hidden Realms update. This contains the new Acrid survivor, alternate layout systems, two new stage variants, two new hidden realms, three new skill variants, the new Scavenger boss, and more. This update is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox One version of the game will get a free weekend starting this Thursday, while the Nintendo Switch version will sell for half-price from now through April 2.

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