Rockstar Games will donate 5% of online revenue for COVID-19 relief

Rockstar Games is looking to help with ongoing COVID-19 relief efforts by offering five percent of all revenue from GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

The gaming world is continuing to step up its efforts to help everyone adjust to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Some are even going the extra mile by contributing to relief efforts. Among those assisting will be Rockstar Games. The publisher announced that it would take a portion of its revenue for the month of March and April and donate it towards coronavirus relief efforts.

Rockstar issued the following statement on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon:

Rockstar Games has also felt the pinch from the continuing coronavirus crisis. Two weeks ago, Rockstar employees were ordered to work from home over COVID-19 concerns. The New York-based publisher also pledged full support for its online games, noting that the support team would remain fully available in the weeks and months ahead.

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