ShackStream: Back in Time with Quantum Break

Last week, Remedy celebrated four years since the release of Quantum Break. If you don’t remember that name, then that’s understandable. Quantum Break flew under the radar when it released back in April of 2016, often finding itself bashed for blending a video game and a live-action television show together into one. Now, four years after the game’s initial release, it’s time to jump back in and see how Remedy’s time-travel adventure holds up.

You can join the fun by heading over to the official Shacknews Twitch channel at 2 p.m. EDT. For those who haven’t played Quantum Break, it’s available on Xbox Game Pass now, and is probably one of my favorite examples of how effective transmedia can be – even if it falls a little short sometimes.

Back when we reviewed the game in 2016, Steve Watts wrote, “Quantum Break is a game fractured between two worlds, the one reality set for us as players is the one in which it’s a shooter that often isn’t a shooter, and a story that doesn’t fully explore its narrative potential.” He wasn’t wrong, and the game definitely has a few glaring issues that I can recall. For more from our full Quantum Break review, be sure to check out the original post.

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