‘Shadow Frog’ is a New One-Button Platformer from Oddrok that’s Launching Next Week

Following up on their extremely enjoyable physics puzzler Early Worm (Free) which released back in February and earned our Game of the Week honors, as well as their “not a match 3″ matching and merging game Make Match (Free) at the end of April, developer Oddrok is back at it again with another promising new game called Shadow Frog. It’s a one-touch platforming game where you play as Frogo the Frog Scout, which is like a Boy Scouts for frogs, as you jump, double jump, and wall jump in order to avoid hazards and make your way to the end of each of the game’s 30 hand-crafted levels. There’s just one catch: A shadowy version of yourself mimics every one of your moves and so you’ll also need to outsmart this shadow follower in order to make it to the end of a level safely. Check out a brief trailer for Shadow Frog.

[embedded content]

Now, first thing’s first: This is a pixel art game! “Oddrok does pixel art” isn’t something I knew I wanted in my life, and one of the things I love most about this developer is their unique art styles that typically use 3D polygonal or vector art. But I have to say they sure have a knack for the pixel art style as well, and I’m getting a heavy Studio Pixel vibe from the look of Shadow Frog. And not just because Kero Blaster is also a platformer starring a frog. I’m also a big fan of portrait-oriented one-touch platformers, with the pinnacle of this sub-genre probably being Nitrome’s fantastic Leap Day, which I also get vibes of here. Basically I’m real excited to take Shadow Frog for a spin when it launches next week on June 18th, and until that time you can find some more screens and chit chat with the developers over in our forums.