‘Slay the Spire’ Finally Launching on iOS this Month, Will Cost $9.99 and Be the Same as the PC Version

There are certain games that built up a following on other platforms that just scream for a mobile port. Their set of mechanics, their interface, and the way they are controlled would just work perfectly on the touchscreen, and the actual game sessions can also be quick bursts or long marathons which also fit right into how mobile games are played. Over the past couple of years I can’t think of a game that fits this mold better than Slay the Spire from developer MegaCrit, and boy howdy have fans been clamoring for a mobile version of it. And MegaCrit promised those fans that that was a thing that would be coming. After some early access time on desktop, Slay the Spire officially launched on that platform at the beginning of 2019 before making its way to all the major consoles at various points in the year. The mobile versions were also supposed to hit in 2019, but sadly in December MegaCrit needed to pump the brakes on that and delay the game into 2020 in order to do some additional QA to ensure the title would be fit for a mobile launch. Which was probably a good idea since the console versions had their fair share of bugs, though nothing major.

Unfortunately, we’re nearly halfway through 2020 and news on the mobile versions of Slay the Spire has been hard to come by. Eager fans might catch a mention of the mobile ports on Twitter or in the developer’s Discord channel, but there was no real concrete information on what the status actually was of the mobile port, who was publishing it, what its monetization model would be, or even a vague hint as to when it might be launching other than “sometime in 2020.” And as we all know all too well, when there’s mega hype behind something and basically no official information about that something, fans tend to speculate and fear the worst. Was it taking so long because they were stripping down our precious Slay the Spire piece by piece so they could put it back together as a free to play monstrosity? Was there some issue preventing the game from working on mobile devices, and the team was just afraid to tell everyone the mobile ports were cancelled? Did a gremlin break into the studio and chew through the hard drive that held all the game’s source code? No theory was off the table.

Well thankfully we can all stop speculating, because MegaCrit has posted an update to the game’s Steam page to let everyone know that Slay the Spire will finally be arriving on iOS this month, and while they didn’t divulge the exact date just yet, they’ll have more to announce during the online digital games festival know as the Guerrilla Collective which is taking place starting this Saturday, June 6th. The other information they dished out is that Slay the Spire on iOS will be a premium game and cost $9.99 and will be the “complete, spire-climbing experience you have already enjoyed on PC (okay, no anime mods, you got us).” As for the Android folks out there, don’t worry, a version is still in the cards for you but they haven’t decided on a launch plan for that one yet and instead are focusing on iOS for now. They say they’ll have more to announce about the Android version soon.

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If you want a little more insight into Slay the Spire on the whole, our own Shaun Musgrave reviewed the Switch version when it launched just about a year ago, and I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to say he likes it very much. You can also follow along with MegaCrit on Twitter for more news and announcements, and we’ll be sure to check out the Guerrilla Collective show this weekend for more details on when exactly we’ll finally have Slay the Spire on our iOS devices.