Space Strategy Game ‘Crying Suns’ from Alt Shift Arrives This Month on iOS and Android

Crying Suns was originally revealed back in 2018 as an FTL-inspired experience coming to iPad. Since then, Alt Shift’s tactical space game arrived on PC platforms through Steam thanks to Humble Games (Humble Bundle’s indie publishing arm). Today, Humble Games have announced the release date for the mobile version of Crying Suns alongside a new trailer. The tactical roguelite also blends in elements of Dune and looks pretty gorgeous. Watch the mobile trailer for Crying Suns below:

[embedded content]

Humble Games has been bringing quality experiences to consoles and PC platforms so far. I’m definitely going to check out Crying Suns when it arrives on iPad on June 25th. Hopefully Humble Games can reveal when Forager is coming to mobile soon as well. Crying Suns is priced at $24.99 on Steam right now. Pre-orders will likely go live soon since it is out in less than a month. Have you played Crying Suns on Steam yet?