SpeCial, Has, RiSKy win DH Masters Summer regionals

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Three DreamHack Masters: Summer regional tournaments have concluded, with SpeCial prevailing in Latin America, Has being crowned champion in Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/Japan, and RiSky coming out on top in Oceania/Rest of Asia. All three players have earned spots at the Season Finals, where they will face the top players from DH Masters North America, Europe, and China, as well as six players from Korea’s GSL Code S.

Though DH Masters: Latin America is not an official continuation of Blizzard’s Copa América, it does succeed it in spirit as the biggest, regional Latin American event. In that regard, Mexico’s SpeCial extended his winning streak to a monumental seven tournaments in a row over the course of over two years. Streaks were continued further down the rankings as well: Kelazhur notched his seventh, second place finish in a row, while Cham came in 3rd place for his seventh straight season.

Has also reaffirmed his regional dominance by taking first place in the Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/Japan tournament. Combined with the old WCS Challenger tournaments, he has now won seven Taiwanese regional championships in a row.

RiSky won his second Oceanic regional title since switching regions from Europe in 2019, with his last championship run occurring in the 2019 Spring WCS Challenger tournament.

Latin America

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Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau / Japan

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Oceania / Rest of Asia

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