Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale 2021 Will Begin February 11

The annual sale usually sees Asian titles highlighted.


Despite just being done with Steam’s annual Winter Sale, it is once again time to step into another sale period. The storefront has always been known for its continued sales and once again they will celebrating the Chinese New Year.

As seen below via Steam Database, a leaked email to Steam partners confirm the start and end date of the Lunar New Year Sale 2021. The sale typically highlights games from the Asian region, though not exclusively. It’s also not nearly the size of the Winter sale generally, but there will still be a lot of titles at steep discounts no doubt. While there is a picture of a rat alongside the leak, that is most likely promo art for last year, as 2021 is the Year of the Ox. We’ll probably get some Ox-themed material closer to the start date.

Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale 2021 will begin on February 11th, one day ahead of the official start of the Lunar Year on the 12th. It’s set to last until the 15th of the same month.