‘Sunpolis’ Developer Fineallday Looking for Beta Testers for Upcoming Project ‘Save Eddy Smile’

Developers Fineallday, who have previously brought us the gorgeous Sunpolis (Free) back in 2016 and the ultra-weird Heads Hop in 2017, are hard at work on their latest mobile gaming project called Save Eddy Smile. In fact they’ve been hard at work on it for nearly three years now. They first announced the game on our forums just over a year ago when they put out a call for beta testers, but activity in the forum dried up shortly after that and things have been pretty quiet for about 10 months or so, until just this past Saturday when Finallday resurfaced to say “Hey! We still want some beta testers!” And you know what that means, right TouchArcadians? First though, a look at what Save Eddy Smile is all about.

Yes, it is just the type of weird and awesome you’d expect from Fineallday. So let’s suppose you want to get in on this weird and awesome action early and help provide some feedback on the final product. Well it’s simple really. All you need to do is head over to the thread in our forums and let the developers know you’re interested in getting a Testflight build of Save Eddy Smile. Then you play the heck out of it and let them know what you think. Easy peasy. If you aren’t the beta testing type then we’ll be sure to let you know when an official release date for Save Eddy Smile is announced sometime in the (hopefully) near future.