Super Mario 64 Fan Is Remaking The Mushroom Kingdom In Fortnite

Fortnite’s creative mode, like Minecraft, is becoming a wonderful hub of imagination. One player has set out to create the entire world of Super Mario 64 within a single Fortnite map.

“I still have a long way to go, but I plan on re-creating as much of the game as possible,” Redditor King Yoshi told GameSpot. He has several levels complete, including Peach’s Castle, ‘Bowser in the Red Sea’, part of Whomp’s Fortress, among others.

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Recreating other games within Fortnite has become a hobby for King Yoshi and other players. He’s completely remade the map from Resident Evil 2, puzzles and zombies included, in Fortnite.

He’s laid out Raccoon City, the police station, the orphanage, and other areas from the game as if you were playing as Leon or Claire. He even has potted plants set up where green herbs are located in the original game. Check out the video below to see a walkthrough:

Fortnite’s creative mode, which launched in 2018, gives players the tools to design their very own islands. Some fans have gone as far as using familiar in-game assets, like buildings and zombies from the Save the World mode, to design their own game modes, narratives, and takes on classic games.

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