Super Nintendo World Universal Orlando Gets Delayed

Super Nintendo World Universal Orlando Gets Delayed
Super Nintendo World Universal Orlando Gets Delayed

Nintendo is a behemoth of a video game company. The debut of the Nintendo Entertainment System put this company’s name in households around the world. Now years later this company is still thriving with the big push being actual theme parks. That’s right you can attend a Super Nintendo World in a theme park near you but it might be keeping its doors shut a bit longer than expected. 

While Nintendo has seen their theme park open up in Japan’s Universal Studios, it also handled plenty of problems getting things going as planned. This was all due to the worldwide health pandemic outbreak and that’s mainly the reason we’re still seeing delays for several industries. The coronavirus is not done yet and while there are plans to get Super Nintendo World opened in 2023 for Universal Orlando, that might be wishful thinking. 

It’s been reported that this park opening has been delayed until 2025. That’s a couple more years out but again these things can’t be helped because of the worldwide pandemic. A lot of work goes into this build and as a result, there’s going to be some slight delays for several industries involved. We’re also likely going to see delays for the other park builds that were planned out for Super Nintendo World locations.

If you haven’t been keeping in check with Super Nintendo World, the theme park was set to release in Universal Studios across Japan, Singapore, Florida, and California. As mentioned, Japan has progressed through the builds and opened up, but we’re going to be waiting a bit longer likely for the rest of these locations to follow. Are you interested in trying out the Super Nintendo World when it hits one of these locations?

Source: IGN 

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