Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adds Ring Fit Adventure Characters To The Spirit Board

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to expand the reach of its Spirit Board, this time with the heroes–and the villain–of Ring Fit Adventure. With Nintendo’s fitness RPG flying off shelves, it makes sense to see it represented in Smash Bros. While none of the game’s characters are being added as fighters anytime soon, you’ll be able to level up their Spirits if you grab them in the next event.

The Spirit Board event “Spirits Fit for a Fight” will run from March 13 to 18, adding three new spirits to the board. Both of the Ring Fit Trainees, Ring, and Dragaux are all pictured–it’s not clear if the two Trainees will constitute one spirit, or if one of these three characters will not make the cut.

If we had to guess, we imagine you’ll have to fight the Wii Fit Trainer to get your hands on those Trainees. It might be your best chance to meet these characters until stock of Ring Fit Adventure settles.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has added a great many Spirits since its launch, many of them a great surprise, like Lotus from Warframe. There are six more DLC characters coming to the game as well, although there are no plans for further characters beyond that.

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