Superhot: Mind Control Delete is Coming Soon to Xbox One


  • The wait is finally over. After more than three years, Superhot: Mind Control Delete is almost here.
  • More story. More power. More Superhot.
  • Free for the loyal as part of the largest giveaway in video gaming history.

I launch the game, a black screen appears, Super-Hot, pressing a button, bam! I’m already in a fight. Some red dude running at me, I punch him in the face, he falls down, head shattering on a pavement, now to the gun, I grab it, bam! bam! two more guys down. So far so good, plays like good old Superhot. Feeling more and more familiar with every stage – dodge, grab a bottle, throw it, take a gun, shoot, win. A guy with a pipe. I hurl a can of soda at him and stand puzzled as he hits it back towards me. That’s new. What else? Throwing knives that stick into enemies, shurikens, painting palettes and a whole lot more stuff to play with.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

10 minutes in, something weird happened, I start again. Some red pop-ups try to tell me something. I skip, whatever. Hearts appear in the left corner of the screen. So, I have HP now? Apparently yes and I do need it. The structure of the game changes. I’m now thrown into sets of levels, the enemies are random, the stages are random, no way to play by memory. I die – again and again. I must adapt to survive. Finally, I get used to the new flow, red guys fall down one by one. White cursor flashes on some ancient DOS-looking progress screen. It stops, a window appears. I get to choose a “hack”. Basically, a power-up. I take more HP; I know it’ll be useful very soon.

1 hour in, there is still more. Barely scratching the surface. I see some kind of structure I can navigate through. Select nodes with sets of levels. New hacks, new weapons, some info scattered about. Wait, I see a glitch. A red guy carrying a red weapon. I shoot him, the weapon breaks. Weird. Another level, the same thing happens. This changes things, I need to adapt, switch my patterns. How many new types are there? I see an enemy with a concrete torso. Lose sense of flow. I die. I want more.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

10 hours in. Still in the game. Playing with Recall.core, I love it when I decapitate 3 enemies at the same time. I love deflecting bullets; it saves my life a lot. Feeling tired. Don’t know how much more I can take. I need to uncover all of it, unlock every hack, read every #. I feel I’m close, just one more node.

Finally, I’m done. My hands still shaking. Do you want to play it too? Good news, it comes out in just one week. July 16. Best thing? You can have it for free – if you already own or buy Superhot before Mind Control Delete releases. That’s right, you just have to wait a little more. See for more details.

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