Superhot: Mind Control Delete Releases Soon, Free For Owners of Original

Superhot: Mind Control Delete, a new standalone sequel to Superhot, releases on July 16 and is free for owners of the original. In a PlayStation Blog post, co-director Cezary Skorupka said that Mind Control Delete started as a short side project, but quickly evolved into a full-sized, standalone game.

Mind Control Delete features more Superhot gameplay, tasking players with making calculated slow-motion movements to clear enemies with limited tools available. It takes the game further, with bigger levels, more mechanics, and more characters.

Mind Control Delete will be free for anyone who bought the original game prior to July 16, with a few caveats. Anyone who bought the game on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, Origin, or PS4 will have Mind Control Delete added to their library at release. Xbox One players who bought the game will receive a code for the game through an Xbox Live Message within a few days of its release.

Mind Control Delete is not coming to Nintendo Switch at this time, but Switch owners can email their Nintendo Eshop receipt to the developers to receive a PC code. Anyone who received the game for free via an Epic Games Store giveaway or through Xbox Live Games With Gold are not eligible to receive a free copy. The game’s official website has a full FAQ for how the free copies are received.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete releases on July 16 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will also be available for purchase as a standalone game.

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