Photos: Virtus.pro, ENCE celebrate after securing Legends Stage

Check out some highlight moments from the third day of the Challengers Stage at PGL Major Stockholm, where HLTV.org's photographers captured players rejoicing after they advanced to the Legends Stage. The third day of PGL Major Stockholm's Challengers Stage saw three more teams advance into the top sixteen, while three other teams were eliminated from the competition with 1-3 records. Josip "brcho" Brtan and Radoslaw "MAKKU" Makuch were on the ground to snap photos of all of the action as players reveled in their victory, and as heartbreak unfolded for

G2 jungler Jankos explains why Europe fell short at Worlds 2021: ‘We have about 18 games in a split. [LCK teams] can play up to f*****g 60, 70 games’

Earlier this week, G2 Esports jungler Jankos sounded off on the pitfalls of the LEC and why professional League of Legends in Europe pales in comparison to other regions across the globe.  Jankos mentioned how players from Europe were being sold and bought out by North American teams during the offseason process. Last year, European natives like Perkz, Alphari, and others were picked up by North American squads ahead of the regular season.  [embedded content] “Half of our players [are] being sold to NA every single split because EU teams

Photos: Players take to shared stage area on day two in Stockholm

Take a look at some of the photos captured by HLTV.org's photographers in Sweden on the second day of the Challengers Stage. PGL Major Stockholm's second day of the Challenger Stage saw teams playing on the main stream move out of their practice rooms and take to the shared stage area, where Josip "brcho" Brtan and Radoslaw "MAKKU" Makuch were able to capture the emotions of players as they looked to advance to the Legends Stage, or fought to stave off elimination. The pair photographed moments of FaZe's match against

XQc talks Twitch, Overwatch 2, and his move to Los Angeles

XQc is in the City of Angels. The French-Canadian Twitch streamer has left Texas and visited the 100 Thieves’s CashApp compound recently to discuss his life, the Overwatch League, Twitch bans, and his plans for the future. xQc also admitted to Nadeshot and CouRage that he wanted to join 100 Thieves back in 2017. Known as Félix to his family and friends, xQc comes from a humble background. Originally from Laval, Quebec, he grew up without money and worked a range of difficult jobs from brewery janitor and painter to

Bringing Brazil to the Major: How 21 players fought their way to the biggest stage

The PGL Stockholm Major will have the most Brazilian representatives in Major history. At 21 players, this is 6 more than at StarLadder Berlin, the tournament which previously featured the most Brazilian players. When it comes to the top 16 stage, Stockholm has not yet passed the highest number of participants, but considering only half of those teams have been decided and we are already over halfway there, the odds are that this Major will see the most Brazilian attendees any way you slice it. But how did Brazil get

Video: Best memories from the first 15 CS:GO Majors

From Richard "⁠shox⁠" Papillon's incredible 1v3 clutch on Dust2 in 2013 to Nicolai "⁠device⁠" Reedtz's three-second, three-bullet sequence on Train in 2019, every CS:GO Major provided us unique moments that stand the test of time. Some were a result of individual skill, some were pulled off thanks to brilliant gamesense, and others required a bit of luck — but all of them resulted in much than just a round won. coldzera's jumping double at MLG Columbus remains one of the most iconic Major plays Janusz "⁠Snax⁠" Pogorzelski's "Sneaky Beaky" play

The final guard: Five legacy Major players left standing

Seven years of CS:GO Majors. Fifteen events in history where players have fought fervently to crown themselves as champions of the biggest tournament in the circuit, to reach glory and eternally etch their names in the history books of Counter-Strike. And only six players are left with the honor of having played at every single one. Heading into PGL Major Stockholm, now-retired and former NAVI in-game leader Danylo "⁠Zeus⁠" Teslenko is about to fall off that already short list of legacy players, leaving us with just five names who will