3D printer

VALORANT player 3D prints foldable Prime 2.0 Karambit

A VALORANT player 3D printed a foldable Prime 2.0 Karambit, showing how cool the popular skin looks in real life.  VALORANT player Walid-Mafuj uploaded a short clip of the knife in action as they spun it around their finger and opened and closed the blade. A loose hinge allows the knife to open when swung, making it look like it has a spring-loaded mechanic. The 3D printed version also has the same aesthetic and colorway as the in-game version, allowing users to feel just as cool as their in-game character.

VALORANT player 3D prints Elderflame Vandal, Jett knives, and Ruin Dagger

A VALORANT player brought in-game skins to life with their 3D printer, creating iconic skins like the Elderflame Vandal and Jett’s knives.  VALORANT features dozens of exciting skins with unique concepts and designs. Players enjoy using them in-game to customize their experience and some have wondered how a real-life version would look. One creative VALORANT player decided to find out by creating multiple skins with a 3D printer.  Aboude_555 showed off their handy work in a short clip and how much detail each 3D printed model has. The 3D-printed Elderflame