Rise defeat Cloud9 Blue in VCT Last Chance Qualifier, move on to upper final

In the VALORANT Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifier, Rise has continued their winning streak by defeating Cloud9 Blue in the upper semifinals. Despite a disconnection that caused the map to be paused during overtime in the first map and an intense three-game series, Rise has come out on top and proved they are no longer the underdogs. The first game of the Series on Breeze was one of the tournament’s most hectic and intense matches. The first half made it look like C9 Blue was in control, finishing with a

Is Age of Empires IV on Xbox Game Pass?

Top GamesAge of Empires IV, Relic Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios' upcoming RTS, is set to release for PC (via Microsoft Store and Steam) on Oct. 28, 2021. / Photo courtesy of Xbox Game StudiosIs Age of Empires IV on Xbox Game Pass? With the previous game in the beloved real-time strategy series, Age of Empires III, having came out in October 2005, fans have waited 15 years for its upcoming next installment to release. Here's the breakdown of whether or not Age of Empires IV is available on Xbox

PlayStation celebrates 5 years of PSVR, teases 3 VR titles for Plus members in November

PlayStation is celebrating an anniversary today for its first entry into virtual reality the PSVR that launched on Oct. 13, 2016. While the festivities haven’t kicked off yet, PlayStation teased big VR things to come in the months of November. In a blog post, PlayStation took a look back at the life of this device so far while also sharing that November will bring three VR titles to members of PlayStation Plus. One of the key details in the post showcased the biggest PSVR games to date with the most

100 Thieves send XSET to lower bracket in VCT Last Chance Qualifier

100 Thieves and XSET fought tooth and nail in an intense three-game series, but 100T ultimately won and sent their opponents to the lower bracket.  The VALORANT Champions Tour North America Last Chance Qualifer is in full swing as eight teams fight for the final spot in the Champions event. 100T and XSET defeated Gen.G and Luminosity, respectively, in their first matches before facing each other in the upper semifinals. XSET started the series with a 13-9 win on Split, where Zekken led the server with 27 kills. 100T won

Balanced vs. unbalanced audio cables explained

Audio can be tricky. Anyone involved in audio production can attest to how even the smallest details can impact audio quality. While microphones are a big part of the process for streamers and YouTubers, audio cables are just as essential in achieving the desired audio quality. When picking a suitable cable, it is essential to know if it is unbalanced or balanced. While both work similarly, each offers different results in audio quality and limitations. This article will explain what the differences are and when to use each cable. What

All System Requirements for Far Cry 6 on PC: Full List

Top GamesWe've put together an easy-to-understand list of the minimum and recommended system requirements needed to play Far Cry 6. / UbisoftWe've put together an easy-to-understand list of the minimum and recommended system requirements needed to play Far Cry 6. Ubisoft has released a set of parameters players should meet in order to "make sure your PC is ready" to play the game. Regardless of whether one plans to follow the minimum or recommended settings for Far Cry 6, they should make sure their PC is running at least Windows

The next iteration: Nintendo Switch OLED review

It’s hard to believe that the Nintendo Switch has already been around for four years. Since its 2017 launch, the Switch has become a hit for Nintendo, with an abundance of acclaimed first-party games to boot. Following the initial launch, Nintendo released two different revisions of the console in 2019 with the Nintendo Switch Lite and an improved base model with better battery life. Now, Nintendo is dropping the latest revision of the hybrid portable console—the Nintendo Switch OLED. While it might not be the rumored 4K revision of the