Pokémon Café Remix is now available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android

Pokémon Café Remix, a major update to Pokémon Café Mix, is now available for download on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play.  Pokémon Café Mix was originally released in June 2020. The game where trainers own a café and all employees and customers are Pokémon used to be updated to add regular new orders, Pokémon, and more. But today’s 2.0 update brings a lot to the game, including new puzzle elements, dress-up options, Pokémon, and more. An official announcement of the changes coming with

Pikmin Bloom is now available in the US, Canada, and the rest of the Americas

Niantic and Nintendo’s latest AR title Pikmin Bloom continued its global rollout today. The game is now available for users in the U.S., Canada, and all of the Americas. Pikmin Bloom is another attempt at bringing further immersion to a Nintendo property, similar to how Pokémon Go works. But the goals and gameplay within this game are different. During your time playing Pikmin Bloom, you’ll collect and grow seedlings into Pikmin. These Pikmin can then be sent out on adventures to retrieve items, such as collectibles or fruit. Fruit can

Twitch Soundtrack is now available via web player

Twitch appears to still be working hard to optimize ways that creators can bring music to their audiences. Though DMCA problems use to plague streamers, the platform’s creators have gotten better at avoiding issues. Though it might no longer be in the spotlight, a better way to stream content and music is always welcome. One of Twitch’s solutions to this was the release of their copyright-cleared music streaming service, Soundtrack. While it previously required users to download and run, now it can be accessed via browser. Users will still need

Nintendo Switch N64 Leak Reveals Original Super Smash Bros., LoZ: Majora’s Mask, and More

Top GamesA new Nintendo Switch leak has revealed even more Nintendo 64 titles that could be heading to the console. / NintendoA new Nintendo Switch leak has revealed even more Nintendo 64 titles that could be heading to the console. Nintendo's re-release of a handful of its classic Nintendo 64 games has sparked a wildfire of attention. From suggestions for new additions to ire over being unable to remap the controls, it seems like most Nintendo Switch players have something to say about the Switch Online N64 expansion taking place.

Xbox Game Pass October Perks Listed

Top GamesXbox Game Pass subscribers can get some Back 4 Blood skins as a perk this month. / Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios/XboxXbox Game Pass' October perks offer more than just the free games associated with the service. This month, subscribers can enjoy in-game content for Apex Legends, Back 4 Blood, and Fallout 76, plus a few months of free Discord Nitro and a movie rental. Here's everything you get access to as an Xbox Game Pass subscriber in what a coincidence i'm giving away 3 free months

Pikmin Bloom: What is it?

Top GamesImage courtesy of NianticPikmin Bloom is the latest mobile game from Niantic, but what do you do in it?Niantic have been hard at work creating the follow-up to the wildly successful Pokemon GO. Rolling out globally over the next coming days, Pikmin Bloom is a slightly different take on the walking games. As a neat spin-off for the Pikmin franchise, players will be utilizing the help of little colorful Pikmin to grow flowers as you go about your daily life. So what exactly do you do in Pikmin Bloom,

Viral TikTok Warzone Loadout Takes Hipfire Kilo 141 to New Heights

Call of DutyWarzone's meta is constantly evolving, and this loadout may be the next step. / Photo courtesy of ActivisionA Warzone loadout using the Kilo 141 has gone viral on TikTok, growing more popular as the original video spreads across the social media app.TikTok user ttzyro originated the loadout in a TikTok posted earlier this week, and the video showing it off has already reached over 2 million views. In the video, ttvzyro guns down one unsuspecting enemy, then climbs out the window and up onto the roof of the

3D Cloud Startup Echo3D Raises $4M in Seed Round Led by Konvoy…

NEW YORK (PRWEB) October 18, 2021 echo3D, a cloud platform that is revolutionizing the way 3D, AR and VR content is stored and streamed, has secured an investment of $4 million led by Konvoy Ventures, with participation from Space Capital LP, Remagine Ventures, and angel investors Datadog, GitHub, and Facebook. The announcement comes on the heels of echo3D’s latest milestone of registering 11,000 users worldwide since 2020. Founded in March 2018, echo3D, formerly known as echoAR, focuses on building tools and infrastructure to help developers create lighter and faster 3D

Pokemon GO Stuck on Loading Screen: How to Fix

PokémonSome trainers are experiencing a bug that keeps them stuck on the initial loading screen when booting up Pokemon GO. / Niantic LabsSome trainers are experiencing a bug that keeps them stuck on the initial loading screen when booting up Pokemon GO.This isn’t the first time this bug has appeared in Pokemon GO. In fact, it likely isn’t the first time any player has encountered a similar issue with an online game. Getting stuck in the beginning sign-on and/or starting screens is one of the most common issues most players

Niantic is testing Powered Up PokéStops, more new features for Pokémon Go

Niantic does a lot of testing to ensure that new mechanics added to Pokémon Go operate as intended and can be improved with actual player feedback. And in a new rollout to limited markets, several features previously discovered in datamines of the game are finally making an appearance.  The main feature Pokémon Go fans will care about is the ability to “power up” a PokéStop or Gym. This will let players use a scanner feature in the app to scan PokéStop or Gym to boost the location for a set