It’s In The Cards: NFCs and the Future of Music

October 2022 Dallas Texas. The Collectible Music Card is a newly created patented product that claims to revolutionize how music will be produced by artists and consumed by audiences around the world. Developed by Community Musician, the Collectible Music Card holds the song or album until it is successfully uploaded onto one’s mobile device. Essentially, it is acting as the modern CD, with an added bonus that the design is similar to that of a trading card and is purchased in the same manner as a gift card. Music fans

All the differences between iPhone 12 and 13

Apple releases its flagship smartphone every year around September to October. Though the competition is there, being able to manufacture its own chip alongside developing the software gives Apple a performance advantage over most other brands. When it comes to high-end phones, Apple’s main competition is usually itself, since users often get confused on which iPhone to pick up. Apple advertises the huge performance upgrades in every event, but feeling a real-life difference between two iPhone models that were released one year apart from each other can be a difficult

How to set up Voicemail on iPhone 13?

Even if you’re on your iPhone all the time, sometimes you’ll miss a call or two. Though some people may call you again in a few hours, others may prefer leaving a message if they have the option to do so. Setting up Voicemail on your iPhone 13 will allow callers to leave you messages, and you can listen to them whenever you’d like. If you’ve just made the switch to iPhone 13 from an Android device, it may be difficult to find out how you can set up your

How to charge an iPhone 13?

Apple customers may have noticed that iPhone boxes got noticeably smaller starting with the iPhone 12, when Apple removed some parts from the inside of the box. Like last year, iPhone 13 series doesn’t come with a charger, hence the smaller boxes. Users will still receive charging cables, meaning you’ll only need an adapter to charge your iPhone 13. While most adapters will do the trick, it’s important to avoid using other third-party charging equipment for iPhones since they have different voltage values. If this is your first time purchasing

Where is the home button on iPhone 13?

The Home button has been gone from the iPhone series for a while now. It’s also slowly rotating out of iPads too, meaning it may finally be time for legacy users to get familiar with the touches. Apple still leaves an open door for users who don’t want to go with the gestures, however, and it’s the on-screen Home button, also known as AssistiveTouch. When you enable AssistiveTouch, a hovering button will appear on your screen with various functionalities and serving as a home button. You’ll still need to use

How to close Apps on iPhone 13 and 13 Pro

Whenever you open an application on an iPhone 13, may it be standard, Mini, Pro, or Pro Max, the application will always remain on until you turn it off manually. Keeping them open in the background could end up costing you a lot of battery power, a hefty drain if you’re not using the applications. Thankfully for users, there is a way to turn off these applications even without the button being around on the latest Apple handsets. This makes the process far easier. Here’s how to do it: From

How to show battery percentage on iPhone 13 and 13 Pro

When it comes to charging your new iPhone, nothing is more important than seeing just how much percentage of battery is left on your phone. It gives you a good indicator of how much power you have left to use if you are around, but also an idea of when would be the best time to charge it either at home or with a portable charger. Thankfully, Apple has provided everyone with an iPhone the chance to see the exact percentage of battery power left on their device for many

How to backup iPhone 13 and 13 Pro to iCloud

Apple has included iCloud in its devices for many generations now, allowing owners to save some of their most important files into the cloud in case of theft or damaged phones, so they don’t lose anything precious to them. It’s also handy when buying a new model, as the iPhone can transfer files between devices. If you also own an iPad and other Apple products, iCloud allows you to keep all your photos and files interconnected, spanning multiple devices. So how can you get it to work on the iPhone

How to remove and insert your SIM Card into iPhone 13 and 13 Pro

Before you can even use your new iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Mini, or Pro Max, you first need to know how to insert your SIM Card into it to use the darn thing. Thankfully the process on how to put your SIM Card into the phone hasn’t really changed in a while when it comes to iPhones, still relying on customers to use a small pin to open the hatch on either side of your phone. Here is what you need to do to insert and remove your SIM