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How to Get Spacefarer Ariana Grande Skin in Fortnite

FortniteImage provided by Epic Games.It’s a spooky time in Fortnite right now, but fear not. A previous heroine has returned to combat the cubed menace in the most dire of times: Spacefarer Ariana Grande. Here’s how to get her new skin and bundle. Ariana Grande isn’t new to the Fortnite universe, appearing previously in a special concert event earlier in 2021. Like all previous stars who held in-game concerts, she was given a special skin alongside a plethora of other Grande-related items. This time around, she's back as Spacefarer Ariana Grande,

Where to Collect a Record and Place it in a Turntable in Fortnite

FortniteImage courtesy of Epic GamesHere's where to collect a record and place it in a turntable in Fortnite.This quest comes courtesy of Ariana Grande's new Monster Hunter questline. As part of the Fortnitemares events, the pop star is back and this time as the galaxy's greatest monster hunter. The first stage of her Punchcard tasks players with collecting a record and placing it on a turntable. Collecting a record might seem like a bit of a pain; you can easily find yourself running arond aimlessly trying to work out where

Valorant x Zedd Collaboration Announced by Riot Games

ValorantBy Max Mallow | 2:36 PM EDTPhoto by Riot GamesRiot Games announced a new collaboration with musician Zedd and its first-person tactical shooter Valorant.Zedd, real name Anton Zaslavski, is best known as an electronic dance music DJ working with artists such as Ariana Grande, Hayley Williams, Alessia Cara, and more. He won a Grammy in 2012 for his song Clarity featuring Foxes. He's also worked with Riot Games in the past for the League of Legends World Championship in 2016. He wrote the song Ignite which served as the event's

Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey Outfit available in Fornite’s Item Shop

Will Smith is the latest superstar to join the star-studded roster of Fortnite skins as Mike Lowrey, his iconic character in the Bad Boys franchise. The Mike Lowrey outfit entered the Item Shop last night, selling for 1,500 V-Bucks. The aptly named Loose Canon set comes with the Mike Lowrey outfit, the Detective’s Duffle Back Bling, and his dual-wielding Pickaxes, the Loose Cannon Cutters. The item’s description calls Lowrey a “tough-talking detective who’s ready for anything,” a fitting way to refer to the character. Data miners leaked Mike Lowrey’s appearance

Fortnite Leak Suggests Upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ Skins

FortniteImage provided by Epic Games. According to freshly-leaked information, Bloodsport may not be the only character from "The Suicide Squad" to make their debut on the Fortnite Island.Fortnite has established itself as a pioneer when it comes to crossovers, with appearances of characters ranging from movies and comics to even real life celebrities like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande. DC Comics has partnered with Epic Games several times since Fortnite’s release, with the latest Battle Pass sporting Clark Kent himself as its bonus skin. While the most recent crossover with "The

Among Us Developers React to Fortnite Impostor Mode

FortniteThe developers of indie hit Among Us aren't pleased with Epic Games' new Fortnite Impostor mode. / Photo courtesy of Epic GamesFortnite's new Impostors game mode bears a striking resemblance to Among Us, from game mechanics, to terminology, to map layout, and the developers of the hit indie game are disappointed that Epic Games didn't reach out to collaborate.In Among Us, up to 10 players are placed on a space ship with various tasks to complete. Up to three, but usually two, of those players are impostors trying to kill

Is Naruto Coming to Fortnite?

FortnitePlayers are trying to figure out what's going on regarding previous leaks that Naruto was coming to Fortnite. / Epic GamesPlayers are trying to figure out what's going on regarding previous leaks that Naruto was coming to Fortnite.Speculation about a possible cameo from popular Shonen ninja, Naruto, was sparked by the same batch of leaks originally gleaned via documents published during the Epic Games vs. Apple Inc. lawsuit. Naruto was mentioned alongside Ariana Grande and Lebron James—both of which had enjoyed their own time on Fortnite Island.So, when will players

How to get the Grab-itron in Fortnite

Another Fortnite season is coming to an end soon, so players are slowly wrapping up their weekly challenges to try to max out their battle passes. As usual, the final days of each Fortnite season are also packed with various activities and events. It’s been a while since Fortnite had a concert and Ariana Grande will be the next name on the list. She’ll debut in Fortnite as a part of her Rift Tour event from Aug. 6 to 8.The post How to get the Grab-itron in Fortnite appeared first on Dot Esports. PlatoAi. Web3 Reimagined. Data Intelligence

Ariana Grande Skin: How Much Does It Cost?

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