Chirpley Forges a Game-Changing Partnership with N3MUS to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming Promotion

Chirpley , a leading influencer marketing platform, is thrilled to announce its dynamic partnership with N3MUS, the essential bridge, connecting traditional gamers to blockchain technology while providing a cost-effective and user-friendly gaming experience. This collaboration marks a significant step towards reshaping the landscape of gaming promotion and leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. The synergy between Chirpley and N3MUS reflects a commitment to innovation, transformation, and excellence. This partnership underscores both companies' dedication to pushing boundaries and driving forward the evolution of influencer marketing within the dynamic realm of Web3


One of the NFT Giveaways Will be a Photography Portrait of Kim Kardashian Los Angeles, June 8th, 2023 - Celebrity photographer David Christopher Lee announced giveaways of several iconic photos turned NFTs over the month of June - including one of Kim Kardashian. This NFT giveaway is part of the launch of Illuminate Art, an executive talent management service for experienced artists who understand the significance of having a digital presence and virtual community. “Increasing access to art and finding innovative ways to engage with a virtual community were driving

David Christopher Lee To Sell NFT Celebrity Portraits of Snoop Dogg and Lady Gaga, Which Will Be Linked to Exclusive Interactive Opportunities

Lee’s Celebrity Portraits Will Kick Off the Launch of Illuminate, A Digital NFT Agency and Platform for Experienced Artists  June 1st, Los Angeles - Renowned photographer David Christopher Lee announced the sale of celebrity portraits of Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg as digital collectibles on the newly launched Collectors will be able to purchase these NFTs on June 1st through’s user-friendly platform, which accepts credit card or cryptocurrency. Throughout the month of June, David Christopher Lee will be partnering with to sell other celebrity portraits as NFTs.

Paribus: Next Steps

Now that our Mainnet V1 is live some people may be thinking that it’s time for the team to put their feet up and enjoy a well earned rest. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather than this huge milestone signifying the end, it marks the beginning of our main work. Over the coming weeks we’ll be continuing our marketing and development at pace. As we progress we’ll be sharing more details of the next features and iterations we’ll be adding to the protocol. When we launched on mainnet

Apex Legends: Escape Patch Notes Revealed

Apex LegendsPhoto by EAWith Apex Legends: Escape being days away, EA has revealed patch notes just before we are able to get our hands on the new season.Along with the exciting reveal of the new character, Ash, we also see some changes to current characters already in the game.Apex Legends: Escape is just days away, and with it brings:? : A simulacrum with secrets? : Terrifying new tropical terrain⚡ : Some Legend changes we’re ec-staic to share, and more!Peep the patch notes below and play Escape starting Nov 2.?:

The 10 best Legends of Runeterra spells

With Legends of Runeterra: Beyond the Bandlewood’s release, Riot Games’ card game has been out for nearly two years since its initial closed beta launch. The most recent set has added the game’s 10th and final region, and with this monumental milestone, it is a good time to look back at the game’s history and see which spells have impacted the game most. Here are the 10 best spells of LoR, one from each region, and some honorable mentions that could’ve easily taken their spots. 10) Minimorph Image via Riot

How to Save in Far Cry 6

Top GamesImage courtesy of UbisoftHere's what you need to know in order to save in Far Cry 6.Far Cry 6 has finally launched, marking the latest installment to the iconic series. Set on the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, players take control of Dani Rojas, a guerrilla fighter trying to topple the regime of the island's dictator "El Presidente" Antón Castillo.If you've just picked up Far Cry 6, you may have noticed that the game makes use of an auto-save feature. This has become a common element in most modern

New World implements new AFK detection method and punishments

Amazon Games is devising a new solution against players who try to bypass New World‘s native AFK mitigation. In an update posted late Saturday night, community manager HardcoreHenry posted an update on how they plan to deal with AFK players. In the post, they decline to go into detail on how the solution works, and those who are playing New World normally will not experience any disconnection issues. Those who have been playing New World since it launched on Monday are well aware of how awful the queue times are,

How to watch today’s ALGS Pro League qualifiers

A broadcast of preseason qualifiers for the top tier of the North American Apex Legends circuit is scheduled for later today. Several prominent streamers and pros, like Jack “NiceWigg” Martin and Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An, will look to earn their place in the Apex Pro League with a win.  The competition in North America’s final rounds of qualifying begins at 8pm CT. It will be streamed by GameTime, as well as by many of the players on their own Twitch channels. GameTime’s stream will feature commentary from casters Josh Howard and