OMNIA Protocol Integrates Blockpass to Secure DeFi Trading

HONG KONG, Apr 2, 2024 - (ACN Newswire) - Blockpass is pleased to reveal a new partnership as OMNIA Protocol, a specialized RPC provider for DeFi traders, integrates Blockpass’ regulatory regulatory solutions. Through this integration, OMNIA benefits from compliance measures that include KYC, AML and KYB that will protect its users as they utilize the benefits of DeFi and the crypto space. Created by cybersecurity, privacy and trading experts, OMNIA aims to tackle DeFi issues including front-running and MEV exploitation to create an ecosystem where anyone can enjoy an unparalleled

The Most Popular Photo Editing Software In 2023

Any photographer wonders what is the best photo enhancer, and never all photographers in the world will agree on the answer. The choice depends on different directions, styles, and genres. Maybe you are a photographer who has just begun to learn the craft, and you don't fully understand what you need, so you are looking for everything in one application. Or maybe you are an active user of social networks, looking for an app available to you, given the level of mastery of the photo post-processing process, or rather the

Interactive New World maps to help you complete quests faster

When you first load into New World with your character, you’ll start in a small area. The map may seem small to you at first since you’ll be adventuring in a relatively closed part of the world as a beginner. Even without completing all the starting quests, players can venture into the wild parts of the map, but it’s easy to get lost in the process. New World’s map is massive, and you’ll find yourself traveling all around the world throughout your journey. Whether it’s for a quest or to capture a

Best ring lights for streaming

When it comes to webcam quality in a stream, a high bitrate and reliable camera can only carry a setup so far before lighting becomes the most important variable to consider. One of the most common and easy to set up solutions is a ring light.  Ring lights offer a professional alternative to the more traditional softboxes that are commonly used for lighting. Ring lights are becoming more standardized due to their ease of storage and wide price range. The ability to store a ring light easily is a simple