Plato Reaches 10M Visitor Mark.

Plato hits the 10 millionth Visitor Mark andLays out Web3 Vision at Quantum Miami. Jan 25th Miami FL - Plato Technologies Inc. (Plato) announced today that it has passed the 10 millionth visitor mark on their Open Beta.  “This represents significant milestone for the company and we want to thank everyone involved in this project for their contributions over the course of the last three years of bootstrapping.” states CEO Bryan Feinberg.  The company who has been operating somewhat in stealth mode for the past 3 years is presenting this

Orbit is Open for Business – Orbit.Industries Launches into Open Beta from Feb 17th!​​​​​​​

Enter the billionaire space race in Klabater's strategic orbital building sim as it heads into Open Beta Warsaw, Poland | February 15th, 2022 - Klabater is over the moon to be launching the Open Beta from February 17th to March 20th. is a strategic building and management sim that gives you the tools to create and run space stations in an orbital sandbox on the fringes of explored space. Inspired by science fact and fiction from Interstellar to SpaceX, is being built for space enthusiasts by space

Diablo Immortal closed beta starts today

Blizzard Entertainment announced that the mobile RPG Diablo Immortal will have a closed beta testing period starting today, Oct. 28.  Just like previous tests of the game, it will only be possible to participate through Android devices. Players will be selected from Canada and Australia, and from South Korea, Japan, and China at a later date. The limited number of players invited to the beta will receive a notification from Google Play with details on how to log in and start playing. In the coming weeks, when Blizzard opens the

How to play the Diablo Immortal closed beta

Blizzard Entertainment’s mobile version of Diablo may not be set to release until next year, but for a couple of months, gamers with an Android device will be able to test out the game. The developer announced the beginning of Diablo Immortal’s closed beta today in Canada and Australia at 7pm CT, but only people with an Android device will be able to participate. The closed beta will also take place in South Korea, Japan, and China, but the beta’s start time in those regions was not released in Blizzard’s

Is Kart Rider: Drift PS4 on PS Plus?

Top GamesPhoto by NEXONKart Rider: Drift is a free to play racing game that will be released on PS Plus for members. The full version of the game is scheduled to be released in 2022 while a closed beta version of the game is set to start on Dec. 8.KartRider: Drift gets a closed beta December 8, including the frenzied Item Mode and fast-paced Speed Mode:— PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 27, 2021In the tweet above, PlayStation announced that a closed beta version of Kart Rider: Drift would come out

Samsung Developing Cloud Gaming Service

Top GamesYongjae Kim at Samsung Developer Conference 2021. / Photo courtesy of SamsungSamsung has announced it's developing a new cloud gaming platform for its Smart TVs.The hardware manufacturing conglomerate revealed the upcoming tech during its Samsung Developer Conference 21 keynote presentation. It will be available on Samsung Smart TVs powered by Tizen, a Linux-based operating system that already supports over 200 million Samsung devices.[embedded content]Not much is known about the new platform, as Samsung only mentioned it in passing during the presentation."To diversify your game selection on Samsung Smart TVs,

Is Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on Xbox Game Pass?

Top GamesPhoto courtesy of Remedy EntertainmentMicrosoft's Xbox Game Pass has been a huge success bringing back plenty of fan-favorite games for players to enjoy on next-gen consoles and PC. Seemingly, Microsoft does not intend to slow down its additions any time soon as it recently announced another large batch of games that will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass soon.With all these old games preparing to return and Alan Wake's American Nightmare nearing its tenth anniversary, players are wondering if the Remedy Entertainment hit will be included. So, will American

‘Face your Fears’ Back 4 Blood: How to Use the Card

Top GamesImage provided by Turtle Rock Studios.In Back 4 Blood, a player’s playstyle can wildly vary by the character and their card loadout. One card, in particular, is a game-changer when in the right hands, and it’s the “Face Your Fears” card.Cards act as perks in Back 4 Blood, and they’re divided into four categories. Reflex focuses on speed and agility, Discipline alters the player’s loadout, Brawn deals with a player’s HP, and Fortune can alter a wide variety of other stats. There have been a few cards that have

All teams qualified for the Wild Rift Horizon Cup

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Horizon Cup will happen from Nov. 13 to 21 at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Center. Ten teams from around the world will be competing for a share of the $500,000 prize pool.  Wild Rift is still in its regional open beta stage, but this hasn’t stopped Riot Games from launching an esports scene this year. The Horizon Cup will be the first global esports event for the MOBA game. Riot has said that a full-fledged esports scene will be introduced in 2022. The