device’s first six months in NIP

…with the Major in Stockholm coming up, bringing that home to Sweden is my number one goal. Lofty ambitions no doubt, but for a player who has been there and done that so many times, it's merely business as usual. device made no secret of his desires, and maybe even his expectations, when he joined NIP six months ago. It was a blockbuster move, one that came out of left field and shocked the world of Counter-Strike. It almost felt like ambitious goals were required, otherwise the transfer didn't really

When Will Splatoon 3 be Released?

Top GamesPhoto courtesy of NintendoOn Thursday, Sept. 22, Nintendo hosted their latest Nintendo Direct, packed with blockbuster reveals and new game announcements as always. One of those reveals was the latest installment in the Splatoon franchise, Splatoon 3: Return of the Mammalians.With Nintendo officially confirming that a third Splatoon is on the way fans are curious as to when they can expect to get their hands on the game. Here's what we know so far: Dive deep into new #Splatoon3 details from the Squid Research Lab. Read the latest: