Krypto Miners Club Releases Revolutionary NFT Collection Backed by BTC Mining on Polygon Blockchain

Now you can have your own Bitcoin Mining Through Krypto Miners Club(KMC) NFTS Highlights A community based NFT project backed by BTC mining is revolutionising the mining industry with their cutting edge technology and strategy. The Krypto Miners Club is a 4 phased project which includes 8888 NFT’s focusing on creating long term passive income from mining for their NFT holders The First Phase consisting of 2,222 NFT’s has been released on the Polygon Blockchain. 24 March, 2023, Dubai: Krypto Miners Club (KMC), a leading blockchain-based company, has released phase

The Maven Federal Credit Union (MFCU) & GBA make blockchain history

The Maven Federal Credit Union (MFCU), the first blockchain-based credit union, is being established and sponsored by the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) designating the field of membership be GBA members. Takeaways The Federal Credit Union Act is ideal for blockchain-based financial systems Credit unions exist outside the banking and the SEC jurisdiction Credit unions are managed via consensus of members Blockchain-based credit unions run on an app, making them ubiquitous The purpose of the Federal Credit Union Act of 1934 was to make credit available to all Americans and promote