Bringing Brazil to the Major: How 21 players fought their way to the biggest stage

The PGL Stockholm Major will have the most Brazilian representatives in Major history. At 21 players, this is 6 more than at StarLadder Berlin, the tournament which previously featured the most Brazilian players. When it comes to the top 16 stage, Stockholm has not yet passed the highest number of participants, but considering only half of those teams have been decided and we are already over halfway there, the odds are that this Major will see the most Brazilian attendees any way you slice it. But how did Brazil get

Lillia player pulls off spectacular escape by bypassing entire enemy team

Every League of Legends player has probably experienced an impressive escape during one of their games. The amount of mobile champions in the game is already huge and continues to growing every year, with heroes such as Akshan added to the mix.  One player by the name of Johnsley, who was playing Lillia, managed to escape from the whole enemy team in an extraordinary fashion. The clip starts with Johnsley trying their luck against an enemy Volibear in the top lane. Once the player realized the skirmish with The Relentless