Adorable Little Legend available for free to anyone who plays a game of TFT before July 7

Teamfight Tactics fans can now earn a new colorful Little Legend over the course of Patch 11.13 with the addition of the Birthday Cakespirit into the game. The delicious-looking spirit will be available from June 23 through July 7 and only requires players to compete in a single game of normal or ranked TFT to unlock it. ? Claim your free Birthday Cakespirit by playing a game of @TFT between June 23rd and July 7th… It’s a piece of cake! ?— League of Legends // UK, IE & Nordics

TFT Patch 11.9: 3 Biggest Changes

League of Legendscourtesy of Riot GamesThe new features of Teamfight Tactics 11.9 patch has been out for a week and people are loving it.TFT: Reckoning has been a great refreshment for its players. The last season was a drag for many people and Riot Games was aware of this. With patch 11,9, TFT was renewed with great changes that have brought the game back to life.Explore the Little Legends, arenas, booms, and emotes coming in Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning.— Teamfight Tactics (@TFT) April 29, 2021Little legends and balance changes have

Everything you need to know about TFT Set 5: Reckoning

Steven Rondina • Apr 21, 08:11Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning is almost here, and there is a lot for TFT players to look forward to from this new set. TFT: Reckoning is set to feature the usual roundup of changes between sets, with new origins and classes being added and represented by a different lineup of champions. What sets TFT: Reckoning apart from the rest is how much bolder Riot Games is becoming with synergies in the series. For the most part, synergies in Teamfight Tactics have been straightforward stat bonuses. By