Alvara Protocol Raises $2.4M in Lightning Public Round

  Alvara Protocol is looking set to play a substantial role in redefining how the world invests. Their groundbreaking infrastructure, that is set to be an industry first, leverages the ERC-7621 (BTS or Basket Token Standard) to facilitate the creation of fully decentralized tokenized cryptocurrency investment funds. Now, anyone can now become a fund manager with ease. The responsibility for managing funds is something that has long been gatekept. Reserved for institutions or those already financially established. This is no longer the case. Alvara are poised to empower the next

Life DeFi Partners with Alvara Protocol to Integrate ERC 7621 Basket Token Standard

[Seychelles] — In a significant stride towards enhancing DeFi accessibility and functionality, Life DeFi is thrilled to announce a partnership with Alvara Protocol. This collaboration marks the integration of the innovative ERC 7621 standard into Life DeFi’s mobile and Chrome extension wallets, setting a new standard in the DeFi ecosystem. Alvara Protocol introduces a novel approach to managing and investing in digital assets. By allowing users to create, manage, and trade baskets of tokens, it simplifies the investment process, offering a diversified approach directly within Life DeFi’s platforms. Streamlining DeFi

VCS Winter Split tournament will be held later this year in light of the region’s absence from Worlds

Vietnamese League of Legends fans have had a rough couple of years, being without representation at three straight international events. Now, however, the region will have at least something small to look forward to during what would have been another disappointing offseason. The VCS will be playing an entire extra split of games, starting Nov. 16 and running until Dec. 31. Dubbed as the VCS’ Winter Split, the eight franchised teams GAM Esports, Saigon Buffalo, Team Secret, CERBERUS Esports, SBTC Esports, Team Flash, Burst the Sky Esports and Luxury Esports

How to Cut a BT Cord in Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Top GamesTo cut the cord of a BT in Death Stranding Director Cut, one will need a certain tool, as well as some patience and finesse. / Photo courtesy of Kojima ProductionsWhen fighting Beached Things (BT) in Death Stranding Director's Cut, cutting their umbilical cords is perhaps the best course of action to take — as long as players know how to pull off the maneuver in the first place.For those wondering how to take down the strange, nearly invisible creatures that you encounter while playing, here's how to cut

How to Cross the Tar Belt in Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Top GamesImage courtesy of Kojima ProductionsPlayers heading into the late game with Death Stranding might be wondering how to cross the tar belt that sits between you and Edge Knot City.Death Stranding is a game that doesn't hold you back very often. Players are free to traverse the apocalyptic world however they can, and are actively encouraged to do so in the most imaginative ways possible. A lot of areas can be safely navigated thanks to the help of your friendly online players, leaving supplies, markers, and even the odd

Tims joins BOOM Esports

BOOM Esports has picked up one of Southeast Asia’s best support players. The Indonesian esports organization announced today that Tims, formerly of TNC Predator, will join its roster permanently. The move was made possible after TNC released its entire roster on Sept. 15, who Tims had played for since December 2016. Tims is the name, Dominance is his game.IT'S OFFICIAL!!! @TimsDOTA becomes our 4th for BOOM DOTA 2 and will premiere his debut entrance at BTS Pro Series Season 8 as we fight @TeamSMGofficial at 2 PM! Only 1 player

Beyond the Summit removes Project + from Mainstage 2021 due to Nintendo’s discussion with Riptide organizers

Beyond the Summit has decided to pull Project+ tournaments from the Mainstage 2021 lineup following Riptide’s earlier cancelation of its own brackets.  Last Friday, Riptide announced that Nintendo of America reached out to discuss the Project+ events listed on the event’s schedule. By the end of the conversation, Riptide and its TOs were hit with the equivalent of a cease-and-desist and had to make some changes, removing Project + from the lineup just two weeks ahead of its Sept. 10 start date.  “Given Riptide’s recent announcement, we do not feel

Tweek sweeps MkLeo twice to win Smash Ultimate Summit 3

The Smash Ultimate Summit threepeat just wasn’t meant to be for MkLeo. Tweek went undefeated against the two-time, back-to-back Summit Champion MkLeo to win the event and nearly $48,000.  Tweek’s run started out with a rocky pools record, losing two of his three games and barely surviving with a 2-0 tiebreaker over KEN. However, after making it into the playoffs, he only dropped a single game on his way to winning the entire competition.  Starting in round one, Tweek pulled off an upset in the first round against Leo, pitting

Lycan, Beastmaster, and more hit with slight nerfs in Dota 2’s 7.30b update

Just minutes after the Beyond the Summit’s BTS Pro Series 7: Americas wrapped up, Valve released a small update for Dota 2 to further balance patch 7.30 that was released on Aug. 17.  The 7.30b update is nothing huge, but it does deal with some worrying things players were starting to see in the game post-patch, such as the surge in usage and win rate for some overbuffed heroes. Lycan was actually one of the least picked heroes throughout patch 7.29, sitting at around 1 percent pick rate and the third-lowest

Ultimate Summit 3 prize pool exceeds $150,000, on pace to become biggest Super Smash Bros. prize pool ever

Just a day after breaking $100,000, the Ultimate Summit Three prize pool has now surpassed $150,000 and is on pace to become the biggest Super Smash Bros. prizing in history.  Beyond the Summit’s second Smash Major this year trailed the first, Smash Summit 11, which holds the current record for the biggest Smash prize pool in history at $155,373. This surge in the prize pool came during the final 20 hours of Ultimate Summit’s vote-in period, which saw six players added to the event’s final roster after pooling together support from