Bonds, Bitcoin Bonds

Just over a year ago El Salvador made history by becoming the first, and only country in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender. Much to the anger of the international community of central bankers, they pushed ahead with their plans, doubling down by planning a $1 billion bond release to build Bitcoin City. According to the mainstream media, El Salvador’s experiment with cryptocurrency has been an unmitigated disaster. The country is on the verge of bankruptcy, there hasn’t been widespread adoption of crypto, and the president is a ruthless Launches Today!

Build and manage your very own space station with Klabater’s rocket of a game launching April 21st on all major systems at PAX East ‘22! Warsaw, Poland | April 21st, 2022 - Klabater is thrilled to announce that ORBIT.INDUSTRIES IS OUT TODAY ON ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS! Build, Manage and Prosper in the orbit of alien worlds on the fringes of explored space. Construct and maintain the most efficient space station you possibly can, or build a space engineering marvel and enjoy the view - the choice is yours! And for

Gen.G eliminates Luminosity from NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier

The Luminosity Gaming VALORANT roster has played their final official VCT competition this year. After falling to Gen.G in two maps in the lower bracket of the North American Last Chance Qualifier, Luminosity is the first team eliminated from the event. Both teams came out firing on Haven and went into halftime tied 6-6. Gen.G built their lead after switching to the attack side, with koosta delivering some more clutches in post-plant situations. They got up to 10-7 before an LG timeout, after which LG lost a backbreaking five-vs-two round

Los Angeles Gladiators signs ANS

Former San Francisco Shock hitscan Lee “ANS” Seon-chang is going to play the next season of the Overwatch League in purple. The expert hitscan signed with the Los Angeles Gladiators today, marking another pickup for the team in the offseason. ANS was a core part of the San Francisco Shock’s 2020 championship campaign, and his prowess on heroes such as Widowmaker and Ashe made him one of the deadliest players in the league. The Shock, however, dropped seven of its players in a drastic offseason move—including its DPS lineup in

device’s first six months in NIP

…with the Major in Stockholm coming up, bringing that home to Sweden is my number one goal. Lofty ambitions no doubt, but for a player who has been there and done that so many times, it's merely business as usual. device made no secret of his desires, and maybe even his expectations, when he joined NIP six months ago. It was a blockbuster move, one that came out of left field and shocked the world of Counter-Strike. It almost felt like ambitious goals were required, otherwise the transfer didn't really

Is Age of Empires IV on Xbox Game Pass?

Top GamesAge of Empires IV, Relic Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios' upcoming RTS, is set to release for PC (via Microsoft Store and Steam) on Oct. 28, 2021. / Photo courtesy of Xbox Game StudiosIs Age of Empires IV on Xbox Game Pass? With the previous game in the beloved real-time strategy series, Age of Empires III, having came out in October 2005, fans have waited 15 years for its upcoming next installment to release. Here's the breakdown of whether or not Age of Empires IV is available on Xbox

Back 4 Blood Character Tier List: Best and Worst

Top GamesWe’ve compiled a list of the best and worst player characters currently available in Back 4 Blood. / Turtle RockWe’ve compiled a list of the best and worst player characters currently available in Back 4 Blood.There are eight characters on the roster at the time of writing that players can jump in and use on campaign missions. They are called “Cleaners”—a morbid joke made, in part, due to their profession focusing on “cleaning up” the area of infected individuals.Below, we’ve explained our ranking of the best and worst cleaners

Does Far Cry 6 Support Cross Play?

Top GamesFar Cry fans want to know if Far Cry 6 has cross play. We have the answer. / UbisoftFar Cry fans want to know if Far Cry 6 has cross play. We have the answer.Far Cry 6 launched with a multiplayer co-op mode that allows players to team up and fight back against the tyranny of Castillo’s dictatorship in Yara. Players can join up to complete a campaign and take on various special missions in their quest to liberate the island nation. Obviously, this is much easier to do