How to craft gunpowder in New World

Crafting is one of the most integral mechanics in New World, since it contributes to your standing with a territory in addition to your overall experience. Refining raw materials into usable resources is a great way to level your character incrementally, and one of the most prominent crafting materials players can use to level up skills like Smelting and Engineering is gunpowder.  The recipe to craft gunpowder requires five charcoal, two flint, and one saltpeter. Saltpeter, which is the rarest of those three raw materials, can be found in caves

Three new weapons may have been revealed for New World: Daggers, Blunderbuss, and Void Gauntlet

While New World may have had its release pushed back a month and won’t launch until Sept. 28, details of new additions to the game have begun to surface online thanks to a Let’s Play series. YouTube channel Rocket Beans appear to have had a chance to spend some time in the world of Aeternum despite the game not being accessible for players until its open beta weekend on Sept. 9, and fans pointed out that there are three new weapons in the footage. The new weapons supposedly coming to