XQc talks Twitch, Overwatch 2, and his move to Los Angeles

XQc is in the City of Angels. The French-Canadian Twitch streamer has left Texas and visited the 100 Thieves’s CashApp compound recently to discuss his life, the Overwatch League, Twitch bans, and his plans for the future. xQc also admitted to Nadeshot and CouRage that he wanted to join 100 Thieves back in 2017. Known as Félix to his family and friends, xQc comes from a humble background. Originally from Laval, Quebec, he grew up without money and worked a range of difficult jobs from brewery janitor and painter to

How much money does NICKMERCS make on Twitch?

A massive Twitch data leak earlier today revealed 125 GB of confidential information to the world. Twitch has confirmed that the breach is real and is “working with urgency to understand the extent” of the leak. The files include Twitch’s source code, along with information on an unreleased Steam-like competitor called Vapor, comment history, creator payment history, and more. Some Twitch viewers were shocked by the leaked data, which revealed the purported top-earning streamers and their Twitch payouts. Streamer NICKMERCS is on the list, coming in fifth place as one