How to turn on Bluetooth on a Chromebook

Chromebooks have grown in popularity as schools shift toward technology-based and distance learning programs. Additionally, more people are looking for easy, portable devices with which they can work from home. Wireless connections like Bluetooth have also become a much more popular form of connectivity, giving users the ability to connect nearly any device free of pesky cables. Bluetooth is one of the easiest ways to make these devices even more portable. Here’s how you can turn on Bluetooth and connect Bluetooth devices on a Chromebook. How to turn on Bluetooth

Best USB to HDMI adapters

Whether it’s connecting a laptop to an external display, adding an additional monitor to a workspace, or just watching a video from a computer on a big screen TV, USB to HDMI adapters ensure that users always have the connection type they need.  The most important things to consider when choosing a USB to HDMI adapter are compatibility, resolution, and price. The best models work with both Windows and macOS, carry UHD video from a computer to a monitor, and are affordable. And few products have all three.  Best overall