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DigiMax Releases Latest CryptoHawk Feature ALTCOIN RADAR

USING AI TO FIND THE NEXT BIG MOVERS IN SUB-100 MARKET CAP COINSFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 29, 2021 TORONTO/ Plato Data Intelligence –DIGIMAX GLOBAL INC. (the "Company" or "DigiMax")(CSE:DIGI) is excited to announce it is adding ALTCOIN RADAR to its CryptoHawk trading tools.This represents the third feature expansion for CryptoHawk in addition to LONG-SHORTINDICATORS for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and TREND WATCH for select high-value market capcoins.The AI-driven ALTCOIN RADAR lists the top 100 Altcoins that meet two essential criteria:1) The coin is available on a credible cryptocurrency trading platform;