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In this simple step-by-step article, we’ll be guiding you through the basics of using our soon to be released mainnet. We’ve worked hard to ensure it’s as intuitive and user-friendly as possible and as time goes by we’ll continue to iterate and update it with improvements. Step 1 — Get a Wallet The first step in being able to interact with the Paribus Mainnet v1 is to ensure you’ve got a crypto wallet. Our recommended wallet is MetaMask. You can download the latest version here: For an explanation about

Back 4 Blood Mom Guide: Best Weapons and Cards

Top Games"She might have not brought you into this world, but if you're a Ridden, she'll take you out of it." / Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock StudiosLooking to play as Mom in Back 4 Blood? Here's how you can maximize her potential.Just as Mom became the voice of survivors in Finleyville, as well as second in command at Fort Hope, she's one of the most dependable picks of the eight playable Cleaners to choose from. With a strong personality and "no shit" attitude that civilians gravitate towards for leadership, Mom's

The 5 most impactful League champions at the Worlds 2021 play-in stage

Worlds is back, and the League of Legends meta is reaching one of its most diverse points of the season. More than half of the champions on the game’s roster were selected over the 38 games in the play-in stage, setting the field for one of the most appealing World Championships in the game’s history.   Eighty champions were contested during the play-ins, with 75 being picked at least once, and five more being banned but never seeing playtime on Summoner’s Rift. For reference, that’s an increase from last year’s play-in

Here are the players to watch at The International 2021

Dota 2 has had a chaotic 2021 season with remnants of the previous year carrying over while many teams host completely different rosters that have changed throughout the Dota Pro Circuit. Throughout that period, we only had two real chances to see players compete at an international level when the top teams from each region clashed at the OneEsports Singapore Major and WePlay AniMajor.  Now, heading into The International 10, 18 of the best teams in the world will battle it out from Oct. 7 to 17 for their share

Dot Esports’ official Worlds 2021 power rankings 

After a year of blood, sweat, and tears, the 2021 World Championship is almost here. The 22 best League of Legends teams across the globe have worked themselves to the bone during the Summer Split, and their efforts have allowed them to rise above the rest of the competition in their respective regions to reach the biggest League event of the year. Everything they’ve built has culminated into this one tournament. This is where legends are made and legacies are forged. From formidable powerhouses to tantalizing underdogs, next month should

The best players who didn’t make the 2021 World Championship

In the world of competitive League of Legends, a new era has been ushered in as fresh faces and fiery newcomers take center stage at the 2021 World Championship. Many kings of old have been dethroned across the globe, but in the ashes of those fallen empires lie the names of many different superstars in League esports. Unfortunately for those same superstars, they’ll will be watching the tournament from home like the rest of us. Their stories have been put on hold and they now must watch their peers battle