HealthCare AI: The Unavoidable Revolution in Modern Medicine

By Eric Greenberg www.linkedin.com/in/ericabg In the evolving landscape of medical technology, there's one force that stands head and shoulders above the rest, promising a seismic shift in the very ethos of healthcare delivery: Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a seasoned technology and banking analyst, it is my considered opinion that Healthcare AI isn't just a trend or a buzzword. It’s the very future of medicine, poised to reshape everything we know about patient care, disease diagnosis, and medical research. To begin with, the economic implications of integrating AI in healthcare are

Technoblade and the Minecraft community raise $323K for cancer research in under four hours

Minecraft streamer and content creator Technoblade raised over $323,000 for cancer research in his charity event today. The fundraiser comes weeks after the content was diagnosed with cancer. The sudden news of Technoblade’s diagnosis late last August shocked the Minecraft community, leading to fans and fellow creators speaking out and offering their support—including in the form of donations—to both Techno and others who had been diagnosed. Following his win at Minecraft Championships (MCC) 16, Dream donated $21,409 to cancer research.  $21,409 to cancer research ? ❤️ love to anyone who