NKGen Biotech Advances Alzheimer’s Treatment with SNK01: First Patient Dosed in Phase 1/2a Trial

December 29, 2023 - NKGen Biotech, Inc. (Nasdaq: NKGN) is making strides in Alzheimer's disease (AD) treatment with the dosing of the first patient in its Phase 1/2a trial for SNK01, an autologous natural killer (NK) cell therapy. The innovative product, designed for moderate AD, has demonstrated promising results in neuroinflammation and cognitive function during its Phase 1 safety trial. Key Points: SNK01 Efficacy: NKGen's SNK01, a cryopreserved autologous NK cell therapy, showed improvement in neuroinflammation and cognitive function in the Phase 1 dose-escalation safety trial. The therapy boasts enhanced

Apex Legends Patch Combats DDoS Attacks, Adds Loss Forgiveness

Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment is cracking down on anyone caught DDoSing their servers, hitting those doing so with a permaban. / Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment is observing Apex Legends' recent string of DDoS attacks on servers, destroying gameplay in any lobbies affected. In the most recent patch, if players were victim to these DDoS attacks, they were granted a loss prevented - meaning any ELO lost from ranked matches would be made null.If you've ever been hit with a DDoS while playing any multiplayer game, it's unmistakable. Whatever you were doing or