Everything we know about Dota 2’s latest hero Marci: Best builds and moveset overview

During the International 10, Valve announced that Marci from Dota: Dragon’s Blood would be Dota 2’s next hero. Though Valve promised a release before the end of fall, not many fans expected Marci to hit the live servers out of nowhere in October. Mirana’s badass sidekick in the animated series is now available as a playable character in Dota 2. Valve describes Marci as a loyal person who “always marches into battle-ready to raise fists in defense of her companions.” Despite looking harmless at first glance, Marci was able to take down enemies twice her

Dota 2’s 7.30e patch nerfs Magnus and Tiny, decreases Rune stored duration for Bottles

With The International 10 in the rearview, it was only a matter of time until Valve hit us with the big post-TI update that would shape the game based on how the meta evolved before and during Dota 2’s biggest event.  Gameplay update 7.30e is just that, although outside of a few core changes, it appears that Valve just wanted to tweak a lot of little things and let the players do the work in shifting the meta again. And Valve is also adding Marci, the game’s newest hero. A

NoPing releases its Dota 2 roster, will reform for next DPC season

NoPing e-sports and its Dota 2 rosters have agreed to part ways ahead of the next Dota Pro Circuit season. In a statement, NoPing said it will be fielding a new roster for the next season, but the organization has no news to share at the moment.  This is the second top-level South American roster to split with its sponsor organization in order to pursue other opportunities, following Thunder Predator doing the same following The International 10.  “By decision of all players in the team, we will not continue with the

PSG.LGD’s Dota 2 roster remaining together, according to manager Pan Fei

The post-International shuffle has already begun, with players and organizations announcing changes that will go into effect when the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit kicks off the next season. It appears, however, that PSG.LGD is more than ready to run things back with its roster that came just one game short of lifting the Aegis of Champions.  That news comes from the team’s general manager Pan Fei, who shared a lengthy post with his thoughts about the season on his Weibo, confirming that the roster will remain together for at least

When does Marci release in Dota 2?

Dota 2’s The International isn’t just a stage for the best teams around the world to see who is the best at the game. It’s also a place for Valve to show what it’s been working behind the curtains for Dota 2. Valve makes an appearance with a grand announcement for Dota 2 players in almost every edition of The International. Whether it’s a new hero or soon-to-be-abandoned projects like Artifact, fans always get an extra something to look forward to, in addition to watching excellent Dota 2. It’s been

Marci from Dota: Dragon’s Blood will be the game’s next hero, releases this Fall

Marci from the Dota 2 animated series Dota: Dragon’s Blood is joining the fray as the next playable hero later this year.  Valve showed the reveal teaser during the penultimate day of The International 10, a day where Davion, the Dragon Knight—and the show’s main character—was played live on stage.  [embedded content] Marci is the loyal servant and bodyguard of Princess of the Moon, Mirana. She is mute but very skilled in battle, able to handle herself in almost any situation thanks to her mastery of hand-to-hand combat. She was

The uncrowned kings of European Dota 2, Team Secret have almost reached The International’s summit

This article is sponsored by DJ Esports. Team Secret’s Dota 2 squad has been active for seven years in various forms. But none of those iterations have been able to lift the Aegis of Champions at The International.  Following their fourth-place exit at TI9, which was the organization’s highest placement at the event yet, Secret still decided to make some significant changes. They made room for team captain and TI1 winner Puppey to recruit TI7 winner MATUMBAMAN and his longtime coach with Team Liquid, Heen.  After those moves, Secret went on