Is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Multiplayer?

Top GamesMarvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Eidos-Montréal and Square Enix's action-adventure video game, officially released on Oct. 26, 2021. / Photo courtesy of Square EnixIs Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy multiplayer?Being that players are able to take control of Peter Quill as he roams the galaxy, many are wondering if others are able to join them in-game as well since Star-Lord's rag-tag team is comprised of Gamora, Rocket Racoon, Groot and Drax the Destroyer also seem ready to duke it out. Here's a breakdown of whether or not Marvel's Guardians

Swampert Pokemon GO: Best Moveset to Use

PokémonPhoto by NianticPokemon GO has lots of terrifying strong Pokemon in the meta. With the Season 9 Ultra League beginning soon, many Trainers are looking to obtain and build the game’s most powerful Pokemon to duke it out. Among them is Swampert, and here's the best moveset to use.As one of the best Pokemon currently in the meta, Swampert is an absolute beast. First introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire as the final form of Mudkip, this Water/Ground Pokemon has stood the test of time with its unique typing and

Pokemon UNITE Android Release Date

PokémonPhoto by The Pokemon CompanyPokemon UNITE fans are counting the days until mobile players join the party, and it turns out they won’t really be waiting for long. The release date of the mobile versions of Pokemon UNITE has been revealed, so here’s when it comes out.Pokemon UNITE is the latest spin-off in the ever growing franchise, inspired by other games in the MOBA genre like League of Legends. Players can choose from a variety of Pokemon and duke it out in different arenas, and given its free-to-start model, anyone

Can You 1v1 in Splitgate?

Top GamesCan you 1v1 in Splitgate? Here's what you need to know. / Photo courtesy of 1047 GamesCan you 1-v-1 in Splitgate? The mind-bending arena shooter has taken the world by storm, and players are curious about the different ways you can play the game. Although there are plenty of options, basic, meme-y, and inventive in the game's arsenal of game modes, is it possible to play 1-v-1 matches?cracked at splitgate. 1v1 me nerd @Jackbuzza pic.twitter.com/Jrzd46d76u— Blazuli (@blazulialt) August 18, 2021It is possible to play Splitgate 1-v-1, but it can't

NA VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2 bracket revealed, includes shroud’s VALORANT team

In just a few days, the open qualifier for NA VCT Stage Three Challengers Two begins, representing the last opportunity to reach the final VALORANT Champions Tour events of the year for some teams. The qualifier bracket has been revealed by Nerd Street Gamers and Battelfy, revealing the placements of the remaining teams, as well as the team led by Twitch superstar shroud. That roster, going by the name ‘what’s going on’, consists of shroud, former Cloud9 VALORANT and CS:GO player Relyks, content creator ShawnBM, former NA CS:GO pro Laski,

Apex Legends Players Don’t Like Looting Animation, Request Removal

Apex LegendsSome Apex Legends players aren't partial to the looting animation legends perform when picking up a fallen ally's banner. / Respawn EntertainmentSome Apex Legends players aren't partial to the looting animation legends perform when picking up a fallen ally's banner.The development team for Apex Legends is known for its transparent communication and conversational friendliness with its player base and community. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a double-edged sword. A section of players is taking issue with an animation their character performs when picking up a fallen teammate's banner.Get your

All confirmed characters in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, a platform fighting game slated to release late this year, captivated the fighting game community earlier this week. The game, which pits some of the most popular characters in Nickelodeon history against each other, is similar to the Smash Bros. franchise in the way that many different franchises are coming together to duke it out in a fighting game.  And with an extensive catalog of potential characters to choose from, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl could, on paper, have one of the biggest rosters of any fighting game. From

Thrillseekers Event Set for a July 13 Release Date

Apex LegendsPhoto courtesy of Respawn Entertainment Thrillseekers Event will launch on July 13 giving fans a chance to play a new arena map. The event was leaked last week which revealed most of the cosmetics and event dates. But now we know it's official. The Thrillseekers Event will run from July 13 until Aug. 3, 2021.Get your adrenaline rush in the Thrillseekers Event! Duke it out in a new Arenas map, complete weekly rewards tracks, and snag new looks that'll really give ya a rush. Show your opponents what a

How to watch EU VCT Stage 3: Challengers One main event

After five grueling days of open and closed qualifiers, the top eight teams have been locked in for the first EU Challengers main event of VCT Stage Three.  The main event, which begins on July 7 and ends on July 11, will feature a double-elimination, best-of-three bracket and will determine which four teams make it to EMEA Challengers playoffs in August.  Acend, Fnatic, FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports, Guild Esports, Rix.GG Thunder, Team BDS, and Team Liquid will compete for a share of a €35,000 ($41.500) prize pool on Wednesday and

How to watch the Magic esports July Strixhaven League Weekend

The final League Weekend in the 2021 season of Magic esports is this weekend and will reward four spots at the Magic World Championship XXVII in October. This weekend, on July 3 to 4, Strixhaven Standard will be shown off for the final time before the release of Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. The July Strixhaven League Weekend will be streamed on the Magic Twitch channel at 10am CT on both days. Rivals League and Magic Pro League players will compete in Historic and Standard Constructed in