roeJ: “Whatever happens now, we can be nothing but proud of what we have accomplished”

This time last month, you would have been hard-pressed to find anyone believing that Copenhagen Flames would be making an appearance in the PGL Major's Legends Stage, but such has been the incredible story of the Danish squad who have taken the world by surprise. With a flawless run in the IEM Fall group stage, featuring wins over names such as G2 and BIG, the team found themselves just one step away from a place in the Challengers stage and went on to lock in their spot with a narrow

What is VRAM?

PC games rely on several different factors to run smoothly and provide the best possible gameplay. Chief among those systems is memory, or rather the ability to pull information within the system at any given time. If a game is suffering from framerate issues or stuttering, chances are, the PC in use needs more of a specific type of memory called VRAM.  VRAM is essential when it comes to graphical performance. It is also essential for general functions as well, such as switching through different opened applications. This article will

Thorin’s CS:GO World Rankings, August 2021

CSGOPhoto courtesy of ESLWhile other rankings are based on strict points formulas, tweaked by those who design and maintain them, the philosophy of this ranking from the outset, when it was the first significant world ranking in the game, has always been to incorporate an expert's eye and explain each position qualitatively as well as quantitively. (Editor's note: Take a look back at rankings for May and June)The basics:Time span: 17th April 2020 - 17th August 2021Tournaments (or tournament portions) impacting the ranking (due to teams ranked attending)Apr 17 -

New Information About Forza Horizon 5 Biomes Detailed Alongside Stunning Screenshots

Earlier today, the Xbox Wire Editor in Chief, Will Tuttle, dropped some brand-new information about the many different biomes players will be able to find in Forza Horizon 5. Many of these locations were shown off over multiple livestreams back in June, but they never discussed the finer details about these places. A few places were talked about during their E3 programming surrounding this game, but we now know the specific names of all 11 biomes along with a few other facts. The biggest being that season will be returning

Battlefield Portal Unveiled at EA Play Live 2021: Full Details

Top GamesThe sandbox experience will launch alongside Battlefield 2042, DICE's latest installment of its first-person shooter franchise, on Oct. 22, 2021. / Photo courtesy of DICEBattlefield Portal was perhaps the crown jewel of the several major announcements made during the EA Play Live 2021 presentation, bringing to players something never seen before from the DICE franchise.When Battlefield 2042 launches this fall, it will hope to deliver on three "epic" experiences. First and foremost is its trademark all-out warfare. Secondly is Hazard Zone, which DICE is scheduled to show off later

REPLACED Interview: Devs Talk About the Upcoming Cyberpunk Game That Lit Up E3 2021

REPLACED made a big splash at E3 2021, and for good reason — the upcoming cinematic platformer oozes cool, from its gorgeous 2.5D pixelated art aesthetic to the promise of a thrilling cyberpunk story set in a grim dystopia. The brilliantly directed trailer depicted a tantalizing and mysterious gaming experience that we here at Twinfinite have been making a song and dance over ever since. Naturally, the opportunity to speak with developer Sad Cat Studios was one we are hugely excited about. Already this week we’ve published a feature titled

Ubisoft’s ‘Far Cry VR: Dive into Insanity’ launches at Zero Latency VR in Vancouver – here’s what to expect

[embedded content][embedded content]In Virtual Reality News July 23, 2021 – You wouldn’t think that the best thing to do on a hot summer’s day is spend your time in virtual reality (VR), but with heat waves occurring around the world this summer, perhaps being in a nice air conditioned space designed for hosting a variety of VR games is actually a smart move, and a good way to escape the sun. Well, that’s exactly what we did last week, when we tried out the new ‘Far Cry VR: Dive into

EA Play Live 2021 Recap

Top GamesEA broadcasted their latest games showcase, EA Play Live 2021, on Thursday, July 22, at 10:15 p.m. PT. / Photo courtesy of EAElectronic Arts brought out the big guns for their EA Play Live 2021 presentation Thursday, announcing a plethora of new titles, release dates and content seasons, as well as Battlefield's brand-new sandbox experience. Here's a rundown of all the details revealed through the 40-minute show's trailers and developer interviews, hosted by WWE star Xavier Woods from Los Angeles, CA.Watch #EAPlayLive! WARNING: THIS LIVESTREAM CONTAINS CONTENT RATED MATURE

holoride launches its ‘Elastic’ SDK for developers to create in-vehicle XR content

In Virtual Reality News July 22, 2021 – holoride, the Audi-backed company that provides technology to combine navigational and car data with XR, has today released its ‘Elastic’ Software Development Kit (SDK) on the newly launched holoride ‘Creator Space’. Created to run on the Unity game engine, the Elastic SDK enables developers to access tools to create immersive, in-car game experiences. holoride is building an immersive in-vehicle media platform by enabling processing motion and location-based data in real-time using the Unity game engine. holoride’s content adjusts to the motion of