Reasons for Regulation

There are multiple reasons cited for increased regulation in crypto, the most common of which are investor protection, institutional adoption, and safety. While regulations can be seen as a good thing in general for the space they’re by no means a universal panacea. Examining what central banks want regulation to look like gives a clearer indication of who benefits most from them. In December Sir Jon Cunliffe, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England said, “We would need to regulate to ensure that we get the same level of protection,

Bringing Brazil to the Major: How 21 players fought their way to the biggest stage

The PGL Stockholm Major will have the most Brazilian representatives in Major history. At 21 players, this is 6 more than at StarLadder Berlin, the tournament which previously featured the most Brazilian players. When it comes to the top 16 stage, Stockholm has not yet passed the highest number of participants, but considering only half of those teams have been decided and we are already over halfway there, the odds are that this Major will see the most Brazilian attendees any way you slice it. But how did Brazil get

Rocket League Error 404: How to Fix

Top GamesPhoto courtesy of Psyonix/Epic GamesRocket League PC players are running into an error whenever the launch the application. A few seconds after loading in the game crashes and a Discord error 404 message appears on players' screens.Players quickly began examining the issue and took to reporting it. No further investigation is needed, as Discord has spoken and a fix has emerged. Here's how PC players can fix the error and get back into Rocket League:Players across a multitude of games, including Rocket League, are running into an error 404

Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List October 2021

Top GamesA new month brings a new tier list, check out what tier each operator falls into in the month of October / Photo courtesy of UbisoftAs a new month begins, naturally another tier list rolls around. Examining changes to the meta and the operator pool, a semi-shuffled Rainbow Six Siege tier list is here for the month of October.In our Y6S3.3 Designer's Notes we cover the latest balancing changes coming to the Test Server later today.? Increased total Armor Panels⚓ Entry Denial Device rework? Increased total Mag-NETsRead the full

Rocket League v2.04 Patch Notes Explained

Top GamesPhoto courtesy of Psyonix/Epic GamesRocket League v2.04 dropped on Tuesday night, Sept. 14. The patch notes list the fixes and adjustments coming in the latest version of Rocket League. While there are only two changes to note, they are both important. One of them is quite literally game-changing and will force players to adapt how they communicate with teammates.Rocket League v2.04 is now LIVE on all platforms! Today's update includes 120 FPS support on the PS5, and temporarily removes voice chat from the game client on all platforms.Patch Notes:

Hobbit: “It was hard to hear we are the second team in the world”

"It was hard to hear we are the second team in the world." Abay "⁠Hobbit⁠" Khasenov says the words with a smile on his face, but there is more than a hint of frustration behind them. Whilst many players and teams would be thrilled to feature at the #2 spot in the HLTV rankings coming out of the player break, Gambit do not count themselves as one of those teams. They have good reason not to. It would be fair to argue that 2021 has been Gambit's year so far,