Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl character Michelangelo banned from Super Smash Con

This weekend is set to have one of the first major Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl tournaments since the game’s release, but one character won’t be joining in on the action. At Super Smash Con this weekend, All-Star Brawl will have an event with a $10,000 prize pool up for grabs. The events director Michael Brancato shared the rules for this tournament on social media today, and one of the most notable points was the banning of Michelangelo. Really excited to be helping with the $10k Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl tournament at @SuperSmashCon

Diablo 2: Resurrected’s chat gem and ‘Gem Activated’ message explained

Diablo 2: Resurrected stays true to the original, bringing back all the dungeon-crawling content from 2000—including the mysterious chat gem. D2R players got to familiarize themselves with the lobby yesterday after server issues prevented players from creating games. And with nothing to do but wait, new players may have noticed an age-old Easter egg located directly under your character’s name. An interactable gem, which also made an appearance in the original 2000-version, creates a message in the chat and changes colors when clicked. But is there more to it? Here’s

Does Rocket League Have Game Chat?

Top GamesPhoto courtesy of Psyonix/Epic GamesOn Tuesday night, Sept. 14, Psyonix shocked Rocket League players by announcing the removal on voice chat on all platforms. Part of Rocket League's v2.04 patch notes, the removal of voice chat was a result of its outdated model and "performance issues." Psyonix elaborated on the removal of voice chat, noting they "are on track to bring voice chat back to the game in early 2022."With a main method for communication removed, some players are left wondering if Rocket League has game chat. After all,

Life is Strange: True Colors Jukebox Game: How to Make Alex Win

Top GamesPhoto courtesy of Deck Nine Life is Strange: True Colors' jukebox game is meant for players to start their romance road for Steph. Life of Strange: True Colors has been met with widespread praise from fans and critics alike. As players dive into the town of Haven Springs, mysteries and missions quickly arise. Not the entire game is bogged down in missions and mysteries though, as players can explore the town and play small games. One of the fun games players can play is a jukebox guessing game with

VALORANT Episode 3, Act 2 and new map Fracture are now live

Cancel your plans, VALORANT fans. New content is here. VALORANT Episode Three, Act Two is now live, introducing some balance changes, a new battle pass, and lore-enriched map Fracture. While players won’t be able to play ranked on the new map just yet, there will be a Fracture-only queue for players to familiarize themselves with its landscape. [embedded content] Patch 3.05 won’t rock the boat as much as the Episode Three, Act One patch, which completely overhauled the economy system. But a few tweaks may still have an impact on