New World Weaving Guide, tips, and tricks

One of the foundational materials of any crafting trade skill in New World is cloth, made up of Fibers collected from Hemp plants found throughout all of Aeternum. Hemp can be harvested at any Harvesting level, and can mostly be found in grassland areas, but also appear in forests. There’s a step between Harvesting and crafting various pieces of armor, tools, and weapons, however, and that’s called Weaving. Here’s a simple guide to Weaving in New World. Basics of Weaving in New World Weaving is the refining of Fibers into

Everything you need to know about Fishing in New World

To start fishing in New World, players must grab their first fishing pole. To do that, you’ll need to craft one. A Tier One Wooden Fishing Pole is very easily made with the Engineering skill. It requires one Fiber and one Green Wood to craft. To get Green Wood, grab it from some bushes or chop down some trees using your logging skill, and to get the fiber, you’ll want to gather some Hemp. As you start skinning, you’ll level up your tracking and skinning skills. To make tracking and skinning

New World Fibers: Where to Find Them

Top GamesPhoto courtesy of Amazon GamesNew World's release on Tuesday, Sept. 28, saw an explosion of players with over 700,000 concurrent on day one. As players begin exploring the game, they're looking for ways to differentiate their characters from others'. The most obvious solution is through clothing which players must make using linen and players need fibers to craft linen. Fibers can often be tricky to find without any idea as to where it's found. Before players begin scouring the expansive land of New World for fibers, here's where to

How to get Nightcrawler bait in New World

With so much to kill and create in New World, it can be beneficial to take some time to relax by a pond or on a dock to just do some fishing. To start your fishing journey, you can collect Woodlouse bait from any bush and take them to the large pond that sits just west of the Windsward Hamlet. There, Master Fisher Shields will gift you a fishing pole and teach you the basics of fishing. If you want to skip the tutorial and if you have the materials,

New World Fishing: How to Unlock

Top GamesNew World's fishing system can be accessed very early on in the game. / Photo courtesy of Amazon GamesNew World's fishing system is one of the surest signs that it is an MMO crafted for the modern moment. It seems more than ever gamers are more interested in peaceful side tasks such as fishing than they are in the central pitch of a game — questing, monster killing, and so on. Here's how to get started fishing in New World.It's time to #PlayNewWorld!Join the ⚔️ fight for ⛰️Aeternum and

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Where to find Hemp plants in New World

Amazon’s new MMORPG, New World, entered its open beta testing period earlier today. And with every profession in the game available to test, players are scrambling throughout Aeternum to find raw resources. Of all those raw resources, there are none that are quite as valuable as Hemp plants.  Hemp plants are most commonly found in the grasslands and forest areas of Aeternum. Once you find yourself in one of those regions, you’ll be able to recognize a Hemp plant by a wide, violet-colored cap and long, green stem.  Related: When

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