Everything we know about Deadeye, VALORANT’s next agent

All clues point towards codename Deadeye being VALORANT’s next agent. The next agent joining the game will be another Sentinel that “focuses on mechanical outplays,” with an “additional focus on gunplay” for “an extra flourish,” according to a post by Riot on Sept. 27. Riot hasn’t outright said who VALORANT’s next agent will be, but the devs have left a trail of breadcrumbs in the form of videos, images, and text.  The name “Deadeye” was first discovered in VALORANT’s Year One Anthem video in June, with the word Deadeye scrawled

How to Open Pumpkin Box in Pokemon UNITE

PokémonPokemon UNITE trainers are attempting to figure out how to open the seasonal Pumpkin Box rewards. / Game Freak, TencentPokemon UNITE trainers are attempting to figure out how to open the seasonal Pumpkin Box rewards.Thanks to the seasonal Halloween event, Pokemon UNITE trainers have a new type of currency to keep track of: pumpkins. This limited-time currency acts as the exclusive avenue players can use to both celebrate the event and earn themed rewards such as fashion items and holowear. Trainers can earn pumpkins on their own and in a

karrigan: “We could be a dark horse to go deep in this tournament”

FaZe became the first team to punch their ticket from the Challengers Stage to the Legends Stage at the Major with a clean record, taking down Spirit and ENCE in best-of-ones before making it out of the group stage unscathed with a 2-0 victory over The international squad also did so displaying a wide variety of play, winning their matches on four different maps: Overpass, Dust2, Mirage and Ancient. karrigan talked about topics ranging from the Major to team culture and having Olof back FaZe, the lowest seeded team,

device’s first six months in NIP

…with the Major in Stockholm coming up, bringing that home to Sweden is my number one goal. Lofty ambitions no doubt, but for a player who has been there and done that so many times, it's merely business as usual. device made no secret of his desires, and maybe even his expectations, when he joined NIP six months ago. It was a blockbuster move, one that came out of left field and shocked the world of Counter-Strike. It almost felt like ambitious goals were required, otherwise the transfer didn't really

The 10 Legends of Runeterra characters most likely to turn into League champions

League of Legends is a game filled with rich lore and a vast cast of champions with interconnecting stories. While the game has multiple ways to have players experience the lore through events and rotating game modes, MOBAs can still have blind spots when weaving compelling storylines. Card games, when executed well, can amend this by having the universe expand thanks to art and flavor text. Riot Games builds on this strength through its card game by having lore connections expanded through voice lines and high-quality art. Fans of Legends

Bella Poarch joins HyperX as a brand ambassador

Bella Poarch has signed on as a HyperX brand ambassador, the company announced on Oct. 14. The 24-year-old influencer will be one of the faces of HyperX’s new microphone video campaign that’s set to release in the fall. In a press release regarding the announcement, Poarch expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming project. “I’m loving the opportunity to bring my style and passion for life and music to the HyperX family,” Poarch said. “I bring my love for people to be happy and healthy in everything they do and look forward

Apex confirms Ash is Dr. Reid

Respawn finally gave fans a reveal they’ve been waiting for since season seven. Apex Legends’ latest Twitter comic confirmed today that Dr. Ashleigh Reed, Horizon’s deceitful assistant who left her stranded on the outskirts of a black hole, is actually Ash, the simulacrum from the Titanfall franchise that first appeared in Apex during season five. The reveal came as part of a season 10 Twitter comic, which shows Horizon’s efforts to discover who Ash was before she became a simulacrum. The storyline so far involves Horizon, Revenant, and Ash, with

Sources: Former OpTic, Unicorns of Love manager Romain to become G2’s new League of Legends general manager

G2 Esports is naming former OpTic and Unicorns of Love general manager Romain Bigeard as its new League of Legends GM ahead of what’s shaping up to be the busiest offseason for that team in its history, sources familiar with the move told Dot Esports. Bigeard is leaving Riot Games, where he’s served as a business development manager and on-stage talent since December 2018. Riot Europe’s upper management announced his departure in a region-wide internal memo sent on Oct. 12.  He’ll be returning to manage a pro League team for

FIFA Reportedly Wants EA to Pay $1 Billion Every Four Years For Name

FIFAImage courtesy of EA SportsA new article has shed light on a possible reason behind EA considering a name change for the FIFA franchise.A post from The New York Times reported that a financial dispute between EA and the football organisation, FIFA, could be one of the reasons for a possible name change to the long-standing video game franchise. According to the report, FIFA is seeking to double its payout from what it currently receives from EA Sports, taking the figure to over $1 billion every four years. This is

How much does ImperialHal make?

Pro Apex Legends player Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen consistently ranks among the most popular streamers in the genre on Twitch. When a leak last week revealed the payouts of Twitch streamers, ImperialHal came in at No. 100 on the list of the highest-paid figures on the site. From August 2019 to October 2021, ImperialHal cleared $886,999.17 in Twitch payouts alone. Screengrab via KnowSomething That figure, while impressive on its own, doesn’t include a wide array of other revenue streams. ImperialHal also receives donations from viewers, his TSM salary, revenue from other