ENCE punch their ticket to the Legends Stage after defeating BIG

ENCE are the latest team to qualify for the Legends Stage of the PGL Major Stockholm after defeating BIG 2-1. The European mix came into the series with a 2-1 record in the Challenger Stage featuring a win against GODSENT and a loss to FaZe on the opening day as well as a victory against MOUZ on Wednesday. Marco "⁠Snappi⁠" Pfeiffer's team was able to bounce back after a disappointing collapse on Dust2 and bring the fire into the next two maps. Paweł "⁠dycha⁠" Dycha propelled his team to a

What is a Sideways Weapon in Fortnite?

FortniteImage provided by Epic Games.Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 8 introduces a plethora of new in-game features for the player to learn and make use of, including all-new weapons to sic on opponents. Here’s what the new Sideways Weapons are, and where to find them.Sideways Weapons stand out from the game’s normal weapons for several reasons. First off, they lack magazines, feeding ammo directly from the player’s ammo stash. They can also be upgraded anywhere on the map, as long as the player has enough fragments to use. Finally, Sideways Weapons

Fortnite 18.30 Update Secretly Adds Two New Weapons

FortniteImage courtesy of Epic GamesFortnite's latest update has secretly added two new weapons into the mix. Here's what you need to know.Fortnite's 18.30 update went live yeterday after a short period of downtime. The update added a few new features, such as a new POI, the Cube Queen's pyramid, and a new War Effort to get voting on. What the patch notes didn't reveal, however, was the addition of two weapons: the Icy Grappler and the Combat Pistol. While both of these weapons aren't completely new, and have appeared in

JGOD Shows Off ‘Stealth Buffed’ RPD Warzone Loadout

Call of Duty"Full-auto light machine gun. Reliable stopping power with superior handling and movement speeds." / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, ActivisionPopular Warzone content creator and custom loadout mastermind JGOD has revealed a stealth change that's made the RPD's recoil pattern easier to control.According to JGOD, the RPD used to handle just as any of the other Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone where after firing about 18 bullets, the recoil would stop moving up and simply stay in the same spot. While weapons such as the MP5 (BOCW)

How to Unlock Donnie Darko Warzone Skin

Call of DutyPhoto courtesy of ActivisionSeason Six of Warzone is now live and with Halloween fast approaching, Warzone's The Haunting event has taken over the season. Introducing tons of Halloween-themed content from game modes to guns to skins, the event truly has it all.One of the surprise unveilings of The Haunting was the "Frank the Rabbit" skin, the menacing black rabbit from the psychological thriller movie Donnie Darko. The skin looks incredible and combined with its derivation from a popular film, it is already in high demand. Here's how Warzone

Ghost of War Ultra Skin Warzone Bundle: Everything You Need to Know

Call of Duty"Countless battles has created a spirit that festers for conflict, terrorize any combatant that raises arms against you." / Photo courtesy of ActivisionThe Ghost of War Ultra Skin Warzone bundle is one of the newest premium collections added to the in-game store with the launch of The Haunting event in Season 6.This bundle contains a unique assortment of Epic, Legendary and Ultra rarity items, including three weapon skins. Here's a breakdown of what exactly the Ghost of War Ultra Skin bundle has to offer to Call of Duty:

Cold War and Warzone ‘The Haunting’ Halloween Event Roadmap Revealed

Call of DutyWe've explained the full breadth of content showcased in the Call of Duty (COD): Warzone "The Haunting" Halloween event roadmap. / Activision, Raven SoftwareWe've explained the full breadth of content showcased in the Call of Duty (COD): Warzone "The Haunting" Halloween event roadmap.The annual Haunting of Verdansk is well underway this year in COD: Warzone. Players of the flagship battle royale will be able to experience ghastly frights, aggressive combat, and otherworldly opponents as they fight their way through lobbies during the back half of October. Thankfully, they

JGOD Shows Off Best LAPA SMG Setup in Warzone

Call of DutyCourtesy of ActivisionMost Call of Duty: Warzone player wants to make sure that they are on top of the meta in order to get the most wins they can. As Warzone Season Six gets rolling, some guns are beginning to change tiers due to changes or new additions. This season is no different, with the LAPA SMG now getting attention as a top-tier weapon. Here is JGOD's best setup for the LAPA SMG in Warzone Season Six.[embedded content]+: Damage, Fire Rate-: Effective Damage Range, Bullet Velocity+: Sound Suppression,

Apex Legends Player Discovers Valkyrie Rocket Spam Trick Using Ultimate Accelerant

Apex LegendsOne Apex Legends player has uncovered a new Valkyrie technique that significantly shortens her rocket cooldown—with a bit of a catch, of course. / Respawn EntertainmentOne Apex Legends player has uncovered a new Valkyrie technique that significantly shortens her rocket cooldown—with a bit of a catch, of course.Apex Legends fans are on the precipice of a new season as we speak. Season 11: Escape saw the release of its launch trailer, having announced both the new tropical paradise map and revealing the simulacrum android Ash as the next playable