PGL Major Stockholm stickers and Pick’Em released

Valve has released the pre-Major update to the game, releasing various content relating to the upcoming $2 million tournament taking place in Stockholm, Sweden on October 26-November 7. Those who have been calling on stickers to be released for the past few days will be happy to hear that team stickers and a new addition in team patches are among the content released. While every team sticker is available, only the player autographs of the eight playoff teams from the tournament will be released following the conclusion of the Major.

Every TFT Set 6 champion: Abilities, cost, stats, and updates

A total of 58 Teamfight Tactics champions are in Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets, showcasing a wide range of abilities.  Scheduled to release onto the PBE via Patch 11.21 and launch officially on Nov. 3, TFT Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets is unlike any previous set. A total of 58 champions appear in the sixth set, and 11 of them have three traits.  The abilities and stats of each champion are subject to change daily throughout the PBE, and balance changes will take place every two weeks following the official

Nabil Fekir FIFA 22: How to Complete the Road to the Knockouts SBC

FIFABy Max Mallow | 1:16 PM EDTPhoto by FUTWIZNabil Fekir FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts SBC went live Oct. 16 and it's one of the best, if not the best SBC released in the game so far.Road to the Knockouts is a new UEFA promotion in FIFA Ultimate Team celebrating the teams and players competing in all three competitions. Players in the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League were all given promotional items with boosts and the chance to earn additional upgrades. In year's past, Road to

How to get the Bump in the Night emblem in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost

The Bump in the Night emblem is another Destiny 2 cosmetic that can only be earned during the Festival of the Lost seasonal event from Oct. 12 to Nov. 2. Acquiring this dark emblem will require a mix of in-game progress and some navigation of the Bungie Store. Here’s how you can get your hands on it. How to acquire the Bump in the Night emblem First, in-game, you just have to unlock the very first page of the Book of the Forgotten, titled “Europa – 1.” To acquire this

Here are the players to watch at The International 2021

Dota 2 has had a chaotic 2021 season with remnants of the previous year carrying over while many teams host completely different rosters that have changed throughout the Dota Pro Circuit. Throughout that period, we only had two real chances to see players compete at an international level when the top teams from each region clashed at the OneEsports Singapore Major and WePlay AniMajor.  Now, heading into The International 10, 18 of the best teams in the world will battle it out from Oct. 7 to 17 for their share

Improving on a winning formula: Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Symm 2

Pwnage hit it big with the original Ultra Custom Wireless mouse in 2019. The company rode the initial momentum to the creation of the Symm. Now, Pwnage is seemingly borrowing a page out of the Razer Viper Mini’s book and combining it with the tried-and-true Ultra Custom formula to give fans the Ultra Custom Wireless Symm 2.  While the shape is unquestionably inspired by the Razer Viper Mini, the Symm 2 differentiates itself as a Pwnage product with its customizability and improved wireless connection.  Nuts and bolts Photo by Colton

What ESL Pro League taught us about fnatic’s new roster

fnatic's performance might have come as a surprise to many, as the newly formed roster was not expected to perform at this level from day one. This adventure at EPL gave us an insight into a new, yet familiar fnatic — for better or worse. After a disappointing 2020 and 2021, fnatic decided the best course of action to maintain a competitive CS:GO roster was to partially move away from their Swedish identity and embrace an international roster, something becoming increasingly common amongst teams that had fielded single-language rosters such

Here are the notes and updates for League of Legends Patch 11.18

Riot is gearing up for the 2021 League of Legends World Championship with its latest patch. Patch 11.18 is the “first of two Worlds-focused patches” coming to the game in the next month, according to Riot. Every year, to “unleash competition” and “breathe new life into the meta,” the devs release a set of nerfs and buffs catered to pro play. Almost everything listed below has Worlds in mind, but the devs are “willing” to revert any balance changes if absolutely necessary. All in all, 23 champions are set to